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How To Buy a Home With No Money Down

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I just came upon a bunch of videos that takes the serious things in life and breaks them down for all of us to understand – THIS IS FUNNY! The one I’m going to share with you today is a look at buying a home with no money down. I hope you all enjoy! BTW [...] View the full article: How To Buy a Home With No Money Down on The BiggerPockets Blog. This content is Copyright © 2017 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of
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    Atlanta New Homes
    Replied about 12 years ago
    Funny video, but very far fetched. Gives us all a good laugh in the real estate industry.
    Replied about 12 years ago
    That is hiarious! Too bad it’s true.
    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied about 12 years ago
    Glad you guys like it!
    Replied about 12 years ago
    This was the best and almost feel like this was a blessing. I want to own a home so bad but really can’t afford it. I had this one mortage lender that told me that he could get me into something with no money down. After watching this video, I am convinced that I will stay paying my $790 for rent with its $20-30 increases every year, until I actually have something to put down and a better paying job.
    Replied about 12 years ago
    That was awesome! A hilarious take on reality. It’s so true. Why do you think the scam artist try to promote no money loans as such an awesome thing? Because there are so many americans who don’t have any savings, and that way they think they can actually buy. I’m a fan.
    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied about 12 years ago
    Kay – if the video inspired you to be fiscally responsible, then I’m glad I shared it. Bountiful – I also love when people call out the scammers out there.
    Replied about 12 years ago
    Wow, that was something. I love the sarcasm and think it would be helpful in explaining the mortgage crisis to my students. Thanks for the tip!
    Rick Marnon, Howell
    Replied about 12 years ago
    Good video. I like it. That’s about all I can say. Just good fun.
    Ron Aguilar
    Replied about 7 years ago
    Funny $*&#, I just could not make it to the end, life is too short