Conserve Energy, Recycle, Go Green! Congrats to An Inconvenient Truth!

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green earthLast night during the Academy Awards, Vice-President Al Gore and his team of filmmakers won an Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary on the climate crisis occuring here on good old planet earth.

In doing my part, I will pass on some links, with tons of helpful hints to educate you on becoming a bit more Green. I’ve seen significant savings by doing simple things such as changing my lightbulbs to all Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs ), which allow you to save around $30 in electricity per bulb over its lifetime. Imagine what you can save if you own a large multi-plex and change all your bulbs . . . Note that other simple changes like using proper insulation, and energy star appliances can help save you tons of cash.

Check out these sites to get started learning:

Compost Guide – How to Make Compost
Earth911 – Conservation & Recycling Resources
EnergyStar – Info on the EnergyStar program
Guide to Home Energy Savings
Offset Your Carbon Footprint
Reduce Your Electricity Use – US Department of Energy
TreeHugger – Phenomenal blog and resource site for staing Green!

Do your part! Learn about how you can both reduce your consumption (electricity, water, etc.), save some money, and help the planet!

If you have any tips or ideas, let us know!

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  1. This article sounds more sincere than Mr. Gore….whose mansion in Tennessee has been consistently leaving bigger and bigger and bigger carbon footprints since he made his movie telling the world how we all need to do our part to save the planet.

    The numbers in this report from the Tennesee Policy Center for Research are truly staggering regarding his extravagant $30,000 a year utility bills for his house.

    Thank goodness you are doing your part (and encouraging the rest of us to as well) because Mr. Gore definitely doesn’t practice what he makes a whole lot of money preaching.

  2. I feel the biggest reason that business decide to go “green” is because after initial costs, there are many savings to be claimed!

    For instance, I recently learned about this company:
    RPP Containers is a company that buys used and scrap bulk containers and resells them refurbished, or grinds and creates new, environmentally-friendly containers called DuraGreen. It’s really a win, win situation for both selling and buying.

    Their URLS:

    I don’t understand why companies do not do this more …

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