Looking to Advertise Real Estate Effectively? Stop Being Like Everyone Else. Be Different!

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Doesn’t it seem like every realtor has the same website design, the same blog content, the same business cards . . . basically, the same everything?

Doesn’t it seem like all the real estate investors are spinning their wheels with the same marketing, same bandit signs, etc . . . ?

You get the point!

Do You Want to Stand Out from the Crowd?

effective advertising

effective marketing

Make A Statement


See how effective Denver Water is with their advertising? Would you forget a sign like the ones above? Not likely!

Start to think outside the box and stop trying to sell youself so much. Sell an idea . . . sell a reality . . . sell a lifestyle! Then and only then can you truly say you’re trying to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack!

(Thanks to David Airey for the cool images)

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  1. shaun mclane on

    Thanks you for putting in words what I’ve been thinking for months! It’s amazing that in a profession where we try so hard to be unique, there are so many that are basically clones of each other. I used to love going to realtor.com and clicking on Realtor websites to see how many had the same template. It’s very sad.

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