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No matter how you’re selling a home–whether it’s through the cost of a realtor, by auction or using my preferred method of selling “for sale by owner”–your #1 goal is getting the property seen. If no one sees a home, no one will make an offer on a home.

So how can you get your property publicized?

  1. Word of mouth: Tell everyone you know that you’re selling. Encourage them to pass on the info—if you have homemade marketing materials, use them.
  2. Post everywhere: Leave information about your home on grocery store bulletin boards, at your company postings, at the library, in the school district, you name it!
  3. Market it well: Be thinking about the absolutely best way to make your property stand out.
    In my opinion, your best bet is to combine your efforts with a FSBO Company. There are many established real estate marketing companies out there. I’ve found one to be most helpful, and I found it by trial and error. A good marketing real estate company (i.e., one worth paying money to) should be able to help you with the next steps:

  4. Create a brochure/flyer: You want something professional-looking, if at all possible. Think good design and highlighted features.
  5. Use professional photographs: Taken with the best lighting, maximizing the look of space and style, the photos should show your home at its best.
  6. Virtual tours: These are becoming more and more popular—so much so, in fact, that you really need them. Especially today with so many people relocating and transferring, potential buyers may be out of state or even out of the country. You want them to be able to learn about your home anywhere.
  7. Focus on features: Your advertising must highlight the positive aspects of your home. You want to make it easy for potential buyers to see why they should be interested.
  8. Overall service: If you are going to go with a FSBO company, it should provide service to assist you with the overall process.

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  1. Do you think making a listing in an MLS is still effective or by having a real estate agent would hasten the process of getting your home sold?

    Someone mentioned about Craiglist, yes you can also avail their free advertising offer. I’ve tried it and it turns a good result.


  2. Jan, great question. I’d say Craigslist is a worthwhile option, especially as it is free. However, I’ve found Buy Owner to be very well-worth the investment. Their website gets tons of traffic and helped me find buyers! 🙂

    Go take a look: I’ve also written extensively about my experiences with them, both at my site and here at Bigger Pockets.

    Best wishes!

  3. Jennifer Shamoo on

    I am a local Realtor hear in Newport Beach, Ca and I believe if you want to market your property today’s market, you will need an aggressive marketing plan. Trying to sell your property on your own is not a the ideal market today. Find yourself a strong Real Estate Broker and higher them to market your home. What you spend in cost you will make by selling your home quicker and most likely for a higher price. This is not the time to be frugal with your home.

    Remeber the average FBO will get about 10% less in price. You only pay 5-6% to a Broker to help you sell your home. You do the math!

  4. I could not agree more, Jennifer, at least about needing an agressive marketing plan. That’s why I’ve used, time and time again. Buy Owner is the leading FSBO in the market today, and you can’t beat that!

  5. I like the post everywhere tip the best. When marketing you want everyone to see you and in business it helps in branding. I’m sure you have seen a company around every corner you turn.

    So no matter where you go you here about them. The same needs to be about the property you are selling. Thanks for the list of ideas.

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