Selling Points: Setting a Home Apart

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Trying to attract potential buyers for your investment property? Especially in a struggling market, you should do everything you can to set your home apart from all the rest. Consider these most-wanted features:

Upgrades – Anything that has been recently updated, whether it’s the flooring, landscaping or appliances, will add value to the home while adding interest from buyers.

Finished basements – Basements are attractive to homebuyers because of all the potential they offer, as they can be utilized for storage, or as an entertaining or living space.

Fireplaces – No longer used only as sources of heat, fireplaces create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that turns a house into a home.

Master bathrooms – The concept of a master suite with an attached bathroom is an intriguing one to buyers that are looking for a private retreat to escape to. Many buyers today say a master suite makes or breaks their decision.

Figure out what the best features in your property are, and then do everything you can to play up those features in your advertising. For example, are there an abundance of closets? Then you’ll want to highlight convenient storage space. If the home is situated in a great location, describe the area and list some nearby restaurants and attractions that potential buyers might be interested in checking out.

Advertising is a crucial aspect of selling a home. Either by yourself or with the help of a FSBO company, create an effective advertising package that combines professional photos with a catchy, well-written description. This combination will highlight your home’s strengths and will entice buyers into taking a closer look.

I’ve always thought that photos can make or break a property listing. Now, with the added option of virtual tours, which is becoming increasingly popular, buyers can benefit from an even more detailed look at your home and the selling points that set it apart.

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  1. Steven Boorstein on

    Some of the highest return on value improvements you can make are:
    kitchen upgrade, bathroom addition or makeover, addition of a family room or office, mastersuite concept, deck or paver patio, basement finishing, windows, and wood flooring. In any case, watch how much you spend. You might be able to increase the value of the home or make it more saleable, but there is a limit as to how much more price you can get. As a guide, take a look at what the highest price home in your neighborhood recently sold for and compare your property to that one. Then make sure that your cost of improvement doesn’t squeeze out your profits.

    Steven Boorstein
    Landlord Business Insider

  2. I would suggest that you go on your Internet browser and search for “for sale by owner” type sites in your area. Use Yahoo or Google.It is a hard question to answer because most For Sale By Owner sites are local and the ones that are operating where I live might not be functional where you live.
    Being a REALTOR I would not think that you would be more successful going this route than having it listed but I can emphasize with your situation.
    The one way it might work is if you discounted the price of your home by the commission amount thereby putting the home in a totally different price bracket.

    Hopefully your home will sell soon and you can move on with your life…

  3. Tim, I’m not sure where the confusion came, but I’m not selling *my* home. I have worked with sellers for years, however, and I’m 100% convinced, dedicated, and passionate about the “for sale by owner” way.

    I can empathize with your situation, being a REALTOR, but you have given not one reason for choosing an agent over the by-owner route. Why would a seller knock down a price ONLY because it’s not with a realtor? The house is exactly the same. Would the buyer be getting something less? NO.

    That’s why selling on your own is so profitable: you sell a property and pocket the commission.

  4. For me,upgrades are very important and you must be always up to date on your home interior designs. Also another important thing is the fireplace,you may want to invest much money to it so you can have the best fireplace and because usually this is the place that you want to hang out always specially if it is very cold.You can check the New Tampa Homes for Sale and see their designs

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