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“Dumb Luck”

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I sat at a poker table and saw a Straight Flush be beaten by a Royal Flush. One of my friends told me of a convenience store clerk that refused to break a $20 bill without a purchase being made. To comply, my friend bought a lottery ticket and won $100,000. I jumped for joy [...] View the full article: “Dumb Luck” on The BiggerPockets Blog. This content is Copyright © 2017 BiggerPockets, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    Replied almost 12 years ago
    Great story! People never cease to amaze me! I could probably sit here and write 100 or more pages on the amount of people, I work with regularly, who have absolutely no clue. BTW I had 4 aces beat by a Royal Flush once, in a game of Hold ’em!!!
    Las Vegas Real Estate Guy
    Replied almost 12 years ago
    I agree with Hawaii, I wish I was that dumb. I’m guessing she is a glass half empty kind of person.
    Shawn Chong
    Replied almost 12 years ago
    What amazes me is that after hearing that the property was worth $1.5 million, she chose to discount it by over 85%, instead of maybe borrowing some money or taking on investors to bring the land up to spec. I’m sure she would’ve made an even bigger killing…