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Who are Investors Going to Sell Homes to Now?

Troy Schuricht
1 min read

With the new housing bill that just passed on Wednesday and goes in to effect on October 1, how are home buyers with out a down payment going to find financing to purchase your investment?  

2539334956 87cef7e457 mThe new bill eliminates seller-funded down payment assistant programs for FHA loans. Many investors and sellers are now faced with finding new creative ways to selling their properties.  Investors need to quickly go on the offensive to find borrower that have a down payment.   Finding these individuals is easier than you think.   For the last three and half years first time home buyers have paused on their home buying because housing was unaffordable and then the market began to free fall. As we near the bottom these buyers are starting to consider buying again.  Since 2003 housing prices soared across the nation and these buyers not only can afford a home, but they have been saving money for 3.5 years.  This could be just enough to put 3% to 5%  down on your investment property that you are selling. 

 Where do we find these individuals?  This is the million dollar question.   We can first start with the internet.  Websites like www.biggerpockets.com have hundreds of potential buyers that come to them seeking information on the home buying process as well as looking for a great deal.   But really the only way to selling any thing to them is to become involved with the sites, create a profile, share your expertise, and then give these customers an opportunity to buy your home(s).   Does this sound like a work?  It is, but this is the new real estate age, nothing comes for free and one must work smarter not harder.  Use the web to benefit you, even beginner investors can create a niche in their community by being online.  Trust me the next generation of home buyers are coming of age and they now have their computers in their front pocket, its called a PDA.

Next week we will talk about the loans that will replace FHA loans now that the down payment cant not be seller funded.

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