Real Estate Investing Basics

In Real Estate, Knowledge is King

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real estate has done a tremendous job of aggregating information on Real Estate topics through blogs, articles, and forums. As investors, understanding how to sift through data and analyze potential deals is absolutely critical.

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One of my favorite sources of Real Estate information is the American Real Estate Society, which publishes numerous journals, available for free, online! Their articles do not provide catchy win-win money making deals, or creative financing, but offer good, in depth analysis.

Understanding how the authors track price indices and analyze effects on cash flow and affordability, will give you ideas on how to investigate your housing market. Learn why running a hedonic regression analysis to determine how important staging affects value or whether Real Estate truly offers a hedge against inflation is important.


Journal of Housing Research: The JHR, published by the American Real Estate Society, investigates issues in the housing markets, residential brokerage, financing, mortgage markets, and international housing. Different theories are tested through extensive research and data gathering.

Journal of Real Estate Literature
: The JREL focuses on both industry research and academic papers. What separates this journal from other Real Estate publications is that they include working papers, dissertations, book reviews, and literature reviews as well as technology and International real estate.

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education: The JREPE highlights ways in which professors may teach students different methods of research, development, finance, management, market analysis, marketing and valuation. There are many great case studies.

Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management
: JREPM centers on applied research on Real estate investments and affects on portfolio management. They go into great detail about investor’s motivations, decision making processes, and how various asset classes affect each other.

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