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5 Great Ways to Market Your Property

Anwell Tsai
1 min read

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1. Post on a broad array of websites such as Realtor.com, Yahoo, Google, Zillow, Trulia, Craigslist, Etc. (my listings are found on over 50 sites)

2. Syndicate video walkthroughs which hopefully will go viral (Youtube, Vimeo,Tubemogul, Metacafe Etc.)

3. Create Virtual Flyers and a stand alone webpage for your property

4. Create HTML coding to add additional pictures and a professional look to Craigslist

5. Market a “Neighbors only preview” of your home before Open Houses, they know the area and may pass word to a likely buyer.

You want to systematically market your property over a wide array of print and Internet media in order to reach the broadest audience. Try “Googling” your property and see how many hits you come up with. It is possible to get as many as 1000 hits on Google, though, 300 is probably sufficient.

Remember, besides finding a buyer, you are branding yourself as a Real Estate professional, reminding past clients and introducing yourself to prospective clients in hopes for additional deals.

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