Goodbye Pentagon: Introducing the Newest World’s Largest Building

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For decades, the Pentagon has had the distinction of being the world’s largest building, but that is about to change . . .

Let me introduce to you Crystal Island, soon to be located in Moscow, Russia. This building is not just big, it’s enormous!

Crystal Island Moscow

This building, according to Nubricks, “will cover a staggering 2,670,000 square meters, stand 450 meters tall and will cost an estimated $4 billion.” Additionally, it is slated to have “3000 hotel rooms, 900 serviced apartments, a business centre, office spaces, a sports centre, entertainment centre and shopping mall as well as an international school, restaurants and cafes. Visitor numbers are expected to be high and there is a planned 16,500 space car park to accommodate them.”

From the look of the plans above, it appears that planners have taken into account solar and wind power, and have focused on keeping the design environmentally friendly in many other ways as well.

It looks like the rest of the world has returned to a battle for skyscraper supremacy – a battle the USA doesn’t quite have the funds to get involved in – anyone see the new Freedom Tower in NYC? I know I don’t! Maybe China and the Middle East can spare a few more dimes to help the poor old US of A out . . . again.

One thing is certain, Crystal Island will put Moscow back on the map as an architectural hub, something it hasn’t been since the rise of Red Square.

Photos courtesy of SkyscraperCity

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  1. Steven Boorstein on

    That’s really an amazing looking structure! Do you think they would share the plans? I was thinking about building something like that as my next rental property… I think I can still find a lender who will allow zero down.

    Steven Boorstein
    Landlord Business Insider

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