Real Estate Investors With a Good Attitude: Smile and Get’er Done!

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We’ve all heard about the importance of setting goals, but how many actually do it — I mean, how many actually organize their goals in achievable steps that all lead toward successful accomplishment? I do it better than I did, gaining more discipline as time goes on — through practice.

I have a fairly large capacity for being able to keep things in my head, so I have to force myself to formalize all that’s in my head by creating a system. I have learned to write things down even though I’m confident at the time I’ll remember. Too, many times, I thought I’d remember, but things slipped my mind when unexpected information piled up. I’ve found that for myself the simplest system works best, and I am using a combination of Google tools.

But my point goes beyond setting up a system and using it. I never realized how not using a system of goal achievement affected my attitude. Even though I can keep a lot of information in my head, it expends a lot of energy and weighs me down at times to the point that working on a project is not fun. By getting things down on paper, or down on the computer, it relieves my mind and I have something I can look at that shows progression toward my goals. The difference in my attitude was significant and I wasn’t near as overwhelmed as before.

Maintaining a positive attitude is hard enough in these times of constant negative news, but it makes it easier if you don’t overload yourself with poor habits and disorganization. By systematically accomplishing interim goals on the way to the big goal, the process is constantly relieving pressure and you are giving yourself little rewards along the way.

Anything to do with real estate is a people business, so maintaining a good attitude by relieving stress along the way also helps when you have to deal with people you hope to influence. Influencing people with a positive attitude can go a long ways toward achieving goals. As long as you can stay on the positive, goal-oriented side of things, even if you meet people along the way who are negative, YOUR postive attitude can make the difference — it’s sometimes infectious, and when others are ready to give up or bog it all down in petty differences, maintaining a positive attitude and being the goal-oriented leader can change the atmosphere and direction of the deal. The people I gravitate towards and want to do business with are strong, positive people who listen and understand and help work out difficulties with energy and good spirit.

Being known as a positive person who is a problem-solver makes it easier to find good deals once word-of-mouth gets out. Building a network of people who you’ve influenced in a positive way leads to good results. No one wants to work with, or help, someone who is always negative and a pain-in-the-butt to deal with. Once a positive attitude starts yielding positive results, self-confidence is boosted, which is another good trait to have.

So, it all starts with creating a good systematic means of accomplishing little goals on the way to the big goal, relieving stress by being organized and goal-oriented, thereby freeing yourself to develop a dynamic, positive attitude that attracts and influences people and gets results. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s not — that’s why not all investors are successful.

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  1. Mike, I would love a pumped up all is wonderful attitude. Most of the people I see with one of those “I’m having a better day than you” personalities, I think PHONEY.
    I seem to be stuck with more of a Simon Cowell attitude. And, if people don’t like “the truth” they should not ask for it.
    Help me, Mike. I know I can be saved.

  2. I agree it can be hard to keep a positive attitude but sometimes you have to fake it until you make yourself believe it. Strange, I know, but it got me through years in Africa while in the Marine Corps

  3. Gregory, the way I see it is there are phony people with negative attitudes, too. Being real is important, but you can be real and be on the positive side, too — it merely means you are constantly looking for solutions — however, it can also mean accepting a harsh reality. I don’t see being positive as equal to being phony, not when it entails accepting the negative while still being optimistic that something can be worked out.

    It has to do with a sense of life — you either see life as filled with possibilites or you see life as a series of obstacles you are powerless over.

    I could go on and on, because it needs a lot of explanation — perhaps I’ll do a follow post next week so that i can save you.

  4. Wow! Looks like you are improving now. Positive attitude really helps and brings you to the success you wanna achieve. It is also important in goal setting since setting goals would require patience and considerable attitude.

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