Are You A One Trick Pony? How to Profit in Today’s Real Estate Environment.

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I screwed myself at the grocery store again. I bought 24 cans of Spaghettio’s (no, I don’t care if that’s the correct spelling) because they were on sale two for one. Well, I finally ate a can yesterday and it was terrible. As in, I didn’t even eat it all and I will eat almost anything. I’m not a picky guy at all, but it tasted like cardboard and dead rat. So now I’m stuck with 23 cans of Spaghettio’s. (Would I be a bad person if I donated them to the homeless? I think if I was homeless I would be motivated enough for food, to eat dead rat, cardboard Spaghettio’s…there’s only one way to find out).

Anyway, before I do my good deed for the week and poison the homeless, let’s talk about this excellent market we’re in. Because, as John D. Rockefeller said, “Buy when the blood is running in the streets.” Well, as we all know opportunity is KNOCKING loud and clear for us real estate investors. For people who have been in this game a while (meaning around five years) you remember the hot market when people had 16 contracts on a house by noon. In this market, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. I think this market is actually making me lazy because it’s so easy to find motivated sellers and deals.

So how do you clean up right now?

As a good friend of mine says, “You can’t be a one trick pony.” You need to wholesale to get cash now. But also, the big money to be made is buying and holding. Pick up 20 properties this year (which isn’t tough if you do lease options and subject-to), hold onto these properties for five years and you will make a life changing amount of money when you sell.

And, if you haven’t learned the subject-to strategy, start learning today. If I had tried going through banks when I first started, I would never have been able to purchase millions of dollars in property (it still boggles my mind the thought of putting 20% or even 10% down on a property).

Please think big and please think positive during this buyer’s real estate market. The size of your thinking determines the size of your bank account (I can’t remember who said that, or else I’d give them credit…adios).

P.S. Next week, I’m going to reveal some of the most important clauses in my
subject-to contract which help CYA and save me a ton of money.

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Jason R. Hanson is the founder of National Real Estate Investor Month and the author of “How to Build a Real Estate Empire”. Jason specializes in purchasing properties “subject-to” and has purchased millions of dollars worth of property using none of his own cash or credit.


  1. This post is soooo important!

    It was written in 2008 but relavant today.

    Wholesaling is 1 tool.

    Buying on terms is another tool and how you do it depends on some factors, like equity, seller’s existing financing, property condition, etc.

    I love this post!

    Best wishes,


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