The First Rule of Real Estate Blogging

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blogging contact info from it isn’t the first rule, but it is definitely important to remember:

Always Have a Contact Page or Some Other Method for Readers to Reach You!

Don’t get me wrong here . . . this sounds REALLY obvious, but it is clearly not too obvious. A few weeks ago I conducted an experiment that I originally did back in May 2007, where I was trying to reach out to some real estate bloggers. What I discovered was actually quite sad. While last year’s experiment where I checked 750real estate blogs yielded 2/3 of the blogs with no contact info, in my recent check there were still dozens of these sites that didn’t have any means of contacting the blogger.

Why Are You Blogging About Real Estate if Not to Get Business?
The results of these “experiments” are particularly sad because the reason you’d think most of these people are blogging is to get new business for themselves. I had a great discussion the other day with Joseph Ferrara at Sellsius, where we talked about real estate bloggers and their motivations. We both agreed that it seems like some folks just seem to lose their way and get caught up in the social aspects of blogging instead of focusing on their core — their real estate business. Part of that business is letting people know how to get in touch with you, isn’t it?

How do they expect potential clients to reach them if they don’t have a contact page? You never know who is going to want to work with you, and it just a good business idea to make yourself available . . .

Maybe it is not the first rule of blogging, but it an important one . . . if you haven’t done so already, get your contact page/info on your blog ASAP.

End Note / Rant: A phone number is okay, and an email address is imperative, but if you don’t have your name on your blog, I’m not going to take you seriously – no one should. I probably could have done an entire post on the bozos who don’t use their name on their blog, but I’ll let this little commentary carry it.

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  1. I gotta plead guilty on the no-contact-details and no-name on my blog rap.
    Blame technical limitations: as soon as I get a web designer/master who’s clued up beyond the mid-1970s it’s done.
    By the way, anyone got any ideas (to pass onto my befuddled web designer) on how to turn URLs like mydomain/blog/?p=57 into proper, user-friendly urls?

  2. I agree with Jill! It’s quite odd how some bloggers use this “Selective marketing” approach. I mean, heck! I am ALL for being cautious when needed. But when you omit your contact info on your blog, I don’t know! I would second guess their intentions for creating a blog in the first place! ANYTIME I can get FREE publicity/marketing or what have you, I go for it! The real estate business has so many fees as it is, so why not get stuff free when you can! Hmm *shaking head in disbelief* I just don’t know what that is all about! I am going to be starting a blog myself soon,and I can assure you that ALL my contact info will be on there! The ONLY things I might omit is my age,true hair color,and anything else that I may need to “plead the Fifth” on. 🙂

  3. If you don’t have your name on it then people will not take it serious. This is absolutely true! One of the methods that I use is the comments section of my blog. People get the chance to leave a comment after each post. I also use a capture pop up to keep visitors coming back. To see how all this works, visit my site.

  4. Scott Shipley on

    I have to agree. I know people worry about security, but why blog in the first place if you’re not looking to network. It doesn’t take too much to discern the serious professionals from the want-to-be pros.
    .-= Scott Shipley´s last blog ..Holding Costs Revisited =-.

  5. Thanks for the tips on blogging. I have been a realtor in Portland Oregon for 7 years, and I am only starting to make blog posts, and I do not have a blog of my own. A friend of mine has been able to do wonderful thing, incredible things for his company by blogging, so I am going to give it a try… and I will most definitely put my contact info on my future blog page. I guess some people are just “shy”.

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