Don’t get me wrong! You need to Invest in Real Estate Education!

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I have spent the last week studying from a new teacher (for me).  This time it’s for marketing, and several things have  occurred to me;  1) Yes, I have indeed spent more money on my education this month and 2) it also occurred to me that with all my soap-box rants against “guru pitch fests”, I may be sending out the wrong message to some folks.  Or maybe they are just hearing what they want (that – yes there is the golden egg, and all you need to do is buy one educational product and BAM – you’re a successful investor!). I can tell because the more I voice my opinions about those pitch fests, the more I receive emails from people asking “Rosie, please tell me the [one]product that I need”. 

Only Spend Your Hard-Earned Money on Quality Education

real-estate-educationSee man – it’s not about that!  My rants against pitch fests are not to deter you from spending money on education!  It’s quite the opposite!  My intention is to deter you from spending your hard earned money on products or mentoring that is not what you need – or worse that is just plain junk.  My intention is to educate you to be educated about what education or information you buy! 

Huh? Come again? 

Simply put – don’t just spend blindly because that guru has a big name, or because some owner of a real estate club says you need to buy it!  I say ask around, ask your fellow investors what and who they recommend before you spend your money.  I am not saying – “don’t invest in your education”!  My goodness – that would be ridiculous!

Let’s get something straight – in order to be successful in our business (and this includes any business), we simply MUST invest in our ongoing, never-ending education.  And it is not just specific real estate strategies we need to study – we need to go all the way baby!  We need to also invest in our own personal growth as well.  Studying strategies is important – but if we are not thinking right and “acting right” in order to be successful – then we can forgetta ’bout it.

Again – and I have said this a million times,  it takes a lot of hard word, sacrifice and yes – education to make it.  For those folks who want “the answer”  for the magic pill, or that one book, or that one product that is going to make them a millionaire in real estate –  sorry my friends – it doesn’t exist.  There is not “one anything” that will give you the answer.

It’s all about working  to be the best, getting educated, doing what we need to being doing everyday – so that we are increasing our value, so that we can serve the outside world better.  

So listen to me now and hear me later: It’s OK to spend money on education.  NO! Let me rephrase that – it is absolutely vital to your success to invest in your education.  Your ongoing, never ending education.  All I am saying is just be smart about it.   

Look – I have invested almost $2,000 on my education in this last month!  It never ends!  And I am probably going to invest another couple of thousand before January is over!  I have a specific marketing strategy that I want to be the bomb at- and I must invest in my education to do so.  It’s plain and simple.

I read something from an amazing marketer/teacher that I am studying right now named Mike Dillard that really hit the nail on the head for me,  and really put what I have been trying to say in a nutshell:

He said (paraphrasing): 
“Those folks who are looking for the free ride, the magic pill, the one book, the one tool that will give them success – just don’t get it.  It’s not about them, or what they’ll need to spend on another book.  It’s about increasing their value, so that they can better serve more people. 

They will never make it with this attitude and should go back to their job as quickly as possible.  They are looking for something outside of themselves to finally bring them success.  It doesn’t exist! I make more money than you because I work 10 times harder than you, I sacrifice 10 times more than you, and I invest 10 times more than you in my education. There is no secret here.” 

Mike Dillard is a new teacher for me.   I bought his education and I am so glad I did!  I am learning things from him that I thought I knew – but really didn’t.   See we never know what we don’t know. 

The other teacher that I highly recommend is Mike Cantu.  Their teaching is changing the way I work, what I do everyday and how I think. 

It’s always about learning and growing so that we can continue to be the best at what we want in life. 

It’s not easy – but it is simple.  Work hard and study hard and success will follow.  Batta bing batta boom!


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