How to Find a Real Estate Investing Club – Avoiding the Bad Clubs and Succeeding With the Good Ones

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We’ve had quite a few articles on the blog lately about investment clubs, and I thought it important to share my $0.02. One of the best resources for a real estate investor is your local real estate investing club. These groups can be great resources for networking and learning, but you must be careful, as there are some kinds of clubs that exist with the sole purpose of splitting you from your money, Here’s a quick look.

Lets keep in mind that we’re looking at two types of club here.

The Bad Real Estate Club

The first club is basically one designed so the founders of that group can boost their egos or split you from your money. They are usually based completely upon the group’s founder’s accomplishments/brand and the goal is typically to sell their books, software, programs, etc. I’ve attended meeting of several of these “bad clubs,” and couldn’t get out of there quicker. Most of them spent a tiny fraction of their time talking shop and the bulk of their time pitching some kind of “opportunity”, which was typically a real estate deal that any experienced investor would have avoided like a plague. These are the bad clubs! Stay Away!

The Good Real Estate Club

The second type of club usually fosters an environment suitable for learning & networking. These clubs will typically have speakers or other presenters who provide educational information on various subjects. These clubs are usually comprised of people from all aspects of real estate (from professionals to investors to homeowners) who are looking to both network and learn. Most of these groups have time before or after the formal meeting for networking; this is probably the most important part of the meeting, so be sure to get there and bring your business cards! These are the clubs you want to be a part of.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to join a real estate investing club, check the club out before shelling out a years’ dues. Membership in one of the good kinds of real estate clubs can be a boon to your business, and for the newbies, a great help in getting started investing. Membership in a bad club will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, and hours of wasted time.

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  1. Absolutely correct Josh. I’ve posted more than once about real estate clubs and how to get the most out of them. The most important thing is to go in with your eyes open and know what the true agenda of the club is.

  2. Andrew Fassnidge on

    I think another big issue that needs to be kept in mind is researching exactly what the investment clubs attachments are to developers and sellers and whether decisions are made on investments or relationships

  3. Norman Kittleson on

    I work with a person who has missed two mortgage payments on purpose to quallify for morgage bailout. I thought this action was being policed to stop people from taking advantage of tax payers money.He had a wonderful Christmas because he spent his mortgage payments on gifts. This entire mortgage was brough about by greed. How can we get out of it by allowing greedy people to continue in this direction?

  4. I am going to join a club for the first time and am looking forward to going. They charge about $12 per month and have guest speakers each month. It has been around for quite some time and hope that it is not an rip off. I don’t think it will be….

    • Chris,

      Right off the bat your club is looking good. As an associate organizer of our club, I know that the $10 we charge each attendee quite often doesn’t pay for the hotel room.

      Remember Bruce Williams’ advice about seminars and you’ll be fine 1. leave your wallet and check book behind. 2, bring a legal pad and business cards. 3. If you get at least 1 good idea your time wasn’t wasted.

      Good luck! Andy Teasley

      PS look for someone who can serve you as a potential mentor, you would be amazed how much training you can get for the price of lunch.

  5. Kevin Griffin

    Hi Folks,

    Rather obviously, knowing the right club in your area is paramount. So I’m asking for opinions about clubs in the Indian River County Florida area. I would love to hear from those in my area concerning their experiences with various clubs. And I’ve got a comment that I’d like Joshua to comment on. My observation concerning the couple of clubs up north that I attended, was that they were made up of experienced investors using each other to make contacts and sell deals; and (for the most part), newbies trying to find a mentor to help them through their first couple of deals to make sure they weren’t doing something wrong for lack of knowledge that would get them in trouble. My impression was that the experienced guys were not interested in the slightest in helping the newbies, as they wouldn’t be getting anything out of it. Ican certainlyunderstand their position; but that doesn’t help the newbies. Have you ever heard of experienced investors offering their knowledge and guidance for a small amount of money to the newbies in a club? Or possibly running a set of classes (on a regular basis) for newbies to get the help they need? Sounds like a great way to actually get newbies doing their first deal (which I think is a huge hurdle for many just starting out.

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