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A Look at SEO Blog Comments that Will Sink Your Company

Getting SPAM comments on your blog is certainly an annoying thing, particularly because of all of the filters on blogs these days, but more annoying, in my opinion, are the SEO companies who are doing their clients an injustice by posting crap comments in order to get some notice for them.

For example:

Click image to enlarge

For those of you who can’t see, the top comment reads:

i am totally against the rising price of lands. one should think with his heart that everyone needs land to live and it is gift of Jesus.

There is really no need to say any more. The comment is incoherent and has nothing to do with the post, titled "Latest Real Estate Market Data Showing a Whisper of a Bottom."

The second comment, which is also incoherent drivel, reads:

real estate has become one of the business for the people and they are the main reason for rising the price of the land which is not at all good and totally a fraud way to earn.

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While I understand that some people don’t fully understand that comments are supposed to make sense, or have something to do with the post they are writing about, what then makes it all the worse is that the commenter can’t follow directions either.

It clearly states above the submit button on our blog’s comment section: Note: Blog comments exist so readers can engage in conversation. We kindly ask that you use your real name instead of some keywords for your name. Not doing so may result in your comment being removed.

As you can clearly see from the image above, instead of using their name, or even a pseudonym, the commenter is using the KEYWORDS “Dillon real estate.” Considering that the website they were promoting has the URL ( ), this is probably a wonderful thing, except for the fact that our blog is a NO FOLLOW blog, and again, since our instructions clearly indicate that we do not appreciate comments from these SEO commmenters.

So What . . . who cares?

Actually, I care, and so should the person paying the person posting the comments. After seeing comments like these, I usually do a quick IP location lookup to see where the commenter is writing from. As you can plainly see from the image to the right, this person is sharing his comments from the middle of the ocean. Odds are these people will post using fake IPs or their IP will derive from somewhere in southern Asia (India in particular).

In this case, our poster, whose name I’m guessing is Ravi (you can see that his email address is [email protected]), wasted his time, as we simply deleted his comments. That said, I’m guessing that he or his firm could care less anyway, as he is likely getting paid to promote the Dillon Real Estate website. Every day we remove comments like these, whose purpose is to promote one real estate website or another – every day!

Beware of Paid SEO Services!

While there are certainly some good companies doing SEO, the above example shows that there are many out there who are doing a disservice for their clients. Sadly, in most cases, the website owner will have little idea that they are getting taken, and even worse, they are likely paying an arm and a leg for this crap service. I’ve heard of some of these companies charging up to thousands of dollars a month to do SEO.

The key is to know what you’re getting into. Everyone wants their real estate or other website to do well in the rankings on the search engines, but before hiring an SEO firm, you better know what you’re getting into. Get references and follow up with them. See if the results match the price you’re paying. Learn what SEO is, and how these companies are going to optimize your site for you. Don’t get taken!

These Kinds of Comments Reflect Badly Upon You and Your Company

I don’t know who owns the website I mention above (doing a whois on the site revealed privacy shields), but I hope that they soon realize that whoever is promoting their site is simply wasting their money. In addition, do you really think that I’d want to do business with this person now?

By hiring seedy SEO companies or posting SPAMMY comments on other blogs yourself, you create an image for your website that is far from positive. In the short term you may get away with it, and frankly, you may see some benefit from it, as many people do not delete or filter comments regularly, but in the long term, you’re just ruining your brand.

Once you’re brand is tainted, that’s all folks!

Joshua Dorkin is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, educator, and co-author of
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    Replied over 11 years ago
    hi, you are great men, I agree with you. I like the natural SEO, it’s possible to get natural costumers, from tons of visitors.
    Steve Heideman
    Replied over 11 years ago
    Amen brother. The problem is most SEO folks don’t understand the nuances of the google algorithm and the implication that a no follow link gives. I will tell you however that according to some of my buddies who are geniuses with getting found online, that a no follow tag may still give some juice. How much is not entirely clear though. You are great men….Wha? 😉 Steve Heideman’s last blog post: Comment on Builder Financing & the Appraisal – Conflict of Interest? by Steve Heideman
    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied over 11 years ago
    Absolutely, Kevin. I use the IP Location Lookup tool regularly as we get forum spammers and all sorts of other people on the BiggerPockets site, that we check on. I’m glad you found it helpful. Steve – Amen right back at ya!
    Mike Bowler Sr
    Replied over 11 years ago
    Josh, this is a great service you have shared here, and I hope to share it with others in my network of other Realtors. My site does a great job of catching spam comments, however, your tips above will also be very beneficial, now and in the future. With 85% plus of search engine activity taking place on the top 3, I see very little value in paying someone. I like organic thinking myself. Thanks again, Mike
    Real Estate Raj
    Replied over 11 years ago
    It would be nice if you could dump IP address and/or IP locations into a filter. I feel like many of spam comments on my blogs are from the same locations.
    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied over 11 years ago
    Mike – Thanks for the comment. Most people just don’t realize what is happening and let the comments fly. The thought process is: “isn’t it better to have some comments, even if nonsenical, then none at all?” I’d rather not have any comments if they are just junk, but that’s just my philosophy. Raj – The SpamKarma2 plugin for WordPress allows you to block any IP. If that’s not enough and you want to ban an IP range from your site completely, you can do that with your .htaccess file.
    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied over 11 years ago
    Paul – I agree with you 100%
    Replied over 9 years ago
    I totally agree with you Joshua. There are really a lot of SEO company that collects very high payments but they only deliver average results. There maybe some good outsourcing company but you have to search it religiously over the services they provides. Surely, there are many lists of Outsourcing company online that offers best but also cost less.