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The Early Bird Marketing Secret for Real Estate Investors and Professionals

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Right now I’m going to share with you the most important marketing secret in the world. If you do this it will have a larger impact on your bank account than probably anything else you do. I’m not joking.

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But guess what? When I tell you what it is you’re probably just going to shrug it off and not do it because it’s not “sexy” or new.

Here it is: Make marketing the first thing you do.

The first thing when you get up in the morning do at least one marketing activity. Don’t shower, don’t get dressed, don’t do anything else. Go directly to your computer and post some Craigslist ads. Address a letter or two. Or send out an email–but do it first thing before you get distracted. The only thing you can do before you start is go to the bathroom.

When you first wake up in the morning your mind is fresh.

You are alert and you’re on your “A” game. When I started implementing this a long time ago, not only did I make more money but I was also in a lot better mood.

You see, I used to be a night owl. I would do a lot of my marketing activities in the evening and I was staying up until 1am every night. When it came time to do my marketing, my mind wasn’t as sharp and I had less motivation to do all of the marketing activities which were on my daily TO DO list.

However, when I make marketing the very first thing I do in the morning I feel great, I feel motivated, and I feel like I can conquer the world. (This may sound strange but it’s true. Your mind is more fresh your batteries are recharged and your motivation level is at it’s high.)

Best of all, I can work just 1-2 hours some days and not feel guilty about it.

Last week I was in Palm Beach, FL. I did very little actual real estate work. However, I still did my marketing because I was utilizing the 80-20 rule (If you don’t know what the 80-20 rule is, learn it ASAP.)

Using the 80-20 rule I know that 20% of my real estate activities account for 80% of my results. I also know that for most people 80% of your day is wasted on activities, which will not make you money. So, by doing my marketing first thing in the morning, I know that I have done my most important activity and I won’t feel like a bum for being on vacation, or for not working the rest of the day.

Again, please don’t ignore this for its simplicity. I heard people tell me this for years, but once I started doing it, I couldn’t believe how much better my results were and how much better my marketing became. For example, I write all of my own marketing letters and postcards. When I write a new marketing letter first thing in the morning it is so much better, and tends to get a higher response rate, which of course makes me more money.

Another reason that waking up early and marketing will make you wealthy…

Is because it takes discipline! I know a lot of wealthy investors and other business people. I’ve never met a rich person who wasn’t highly disciplined. On the outside they might look lazy or it might look like success came easy to them. But I can guarantee you if you look at their personal lives they were disciplined and worked their tail off.

Just try this for 21 days and you’ll never go back to your old ways.

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    Replied almost 10 years ago
    It is unbelievably true. You either spend time working ON your business, or IN your business. I attended a seminar once where the presenter put the 80/20 rule on the screen, and then he took 20% of the 80% and 20% of that. He nailed it down to the microcosm of what generates your results. Say the MLS generates 80% of your sales, The pictures are likely the 20% of the of the 20%, and perhaps then it is the pictures of the kitchen and bath. So utilizing this theory, if you spend a greater time and effort on the images here (lighting, staging, cleaning, proper equipment etc) you are likely to generate more showings, and thus a quicker selling time, or perhaps multiple offers, etc.