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My grandfather was born in Guayaquil Ecuador in 1906. He came to America in the 70’s and would tell me stories about his business in Ecuador exporting bananas to the United States. He loved America and all it stood for; he wouldn’t drive anything but American made cars. Chevy to be exact, lol. He stated that he got into the business when exports to America were just beginning to take off, and got into the business on the GROUND FLOOR. After getting into the banana exporting business the industry took off with the economic expansion of America after World War II. He was in the game a tad before the expansion — he was ready and poised to gather the harvest.

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After the fall to the floor is always the rise to top. There’s always expansion after contraction. Makes sense right? Yes.

We all agree that we have seen the worst the real estate market has thrown at us. Home prices seem to be leveling off or rising in some local markets. Yes, I know, some are still dropping, but collectively speaking, real estate seems to be on the up.

This my friends, is the GROUND FLOOR to an exciting new real estate market. This is your chance that you have waited all your life for — the chance to purchase real estate on the ground floor. 2010 is the new GROUND FLOOR where millions will be made for those that enter into real estate investing and acquire real property.

Here is a list of all the richest people that got in on the GROUND FLOOR in their respective industries:

Bill Gates (PC Software)
Andrew Carnegie (Steel)
John D. Rockefeller (Oil)
William Henry Vanderbuilt (Railroad)
You (Real Estate)

Would you have liked to have been on the ground floor when these industries boomed? I am sure you would, as would have I. Good thing for us, we are on another Ground Floor and this time it is in Real Estate.

I want to see your name on that list of billionaires one of these days; under mine of course.

If you haven’t already done so I advise you to sign up for Use it wisely and ride it to the top.

Good luck in all you do America!

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    Linda C.
    Replied over 10 years ago
    Thanks for the motivation. The current market is definitely one that poses a lot of opportunity to those investors who can find buys.
    Winston Westbrook
    Replied over 10 years ago
    @Linda C., Thank you much for your comment. And yes there is plenty of opportunity to go around. Let’s make 2010 the best ever!!