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Systemetizing Your Facebook Based Lead Generation Effort

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Everyone’s saying, “Hey, You Gotta Get On Facebook! Get My Ebook! I’ll show you How.”

But is anyone out there really giving business people a solid game plan for leveraging social media in an efficient way, with an eye toward avoiding the mafia wars time suck?

An Facebooking Schedule That Could Work For Real Estate Agents…


Post "This Week's Real Estate Settlement Anniversaries." Look through your past transactions for every transaction that occured this week. List the owners, addresses, and number of years since settlement. If you're not sure whether a past client is still in the property, this is a good reason to call to find out…


Real Estate Listing Photo Of The Week – This one's pretty straightforward… grab a picture of one of your listings, or perhaps a colleagues listing, and post it to your profile. Let your friends talk amongst themselves. Your seller client will be delighted.


Mortgage Rates Update – Just list the latest mortgage rates. Maybe throw in info about a cool program you just heard about. If you want you can even link to your favorite mortgage lender's latest blog post.


Just Listed & Price Changes – Mention your new listings and price changes with links to your single property websites for each listing.


“Open House(s) Of The Week” – List any open houses you might be holding. If you’re not holding one, do a social media inept colleague a favor and post one of theirs…

– “Propertunity Of The Week” – List the best investment deal in your marketplace. Use fancy acronyms like ARV whenever possible.

Sunday – “Cool Real Estate Video” – Search Youtube for “Real Estate” – pick whatever jumps at you and post it 🙂

You’re Going To Look Like Someone Who’s Trying To Sell Something?

Yep… that’s true. Your Facebook stream will become sort of a billboard for your personal business. People will know you’re out there trying to sell stuff. Some will even tell you it’s not cool. Who knows, Facebook might even warn you to cut it out…

On the flipside…Can you see how this strategy might help you keep in touch with past clients, promote existing listings, and help you gain “top of mind” status with hundreds or even thousands of “friends?”

I think the key thing here is in the recurring consistency of implementation and in keeping the content mildly interesting.  Having Postlets auto feed your listing flyers to Fbook is a good start, but it seems a much better is actually doing your job and telling your stream the real reason why they have to check out this particular cape cod style rancher…

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    [email protected]
    Replied over 10 years ago
    I don’t think it would be too bad. I’m not one who appreciates people who only use social media/networking platforms to promote, promote and promote some more. I think if there was a mixed balance of interaction and promotion, I think it’s a great idea!!! I think if you connect with your clients on Facebook in this manner and have the help share/spread the message and give some testimonials via comments on the post you created for your facebook wall, I can see the value in that without a doubt.
    Replied over 10 years ago
    Thanks for the schedule Ryan. I agree with the consistency aspect of your post. I do believe that some “Non-Real Estate” related posts and discussions will really boost your credibility. The business related posts will make sure that people know what you do for a living. I find that the non-business posts increase your perceived accessibilty.
    Erin Golding
    Replied over 10 years ago
    Hi Ryan, Facebook is my number one marketing tool. I can’t help myself I must say a couple of things about your post. Posting for business on your personal page is against Facebooks terms of service and they can and will cancel your account for doing so. This is why it is critical to set up a fan page for your business and invite your friends and friends friends to join. Your time line and schedule is great but using it on your personal page can get you in trouble. I do post some things to my personal profile but it’s usually to direct them to my fan page for more info. Your schedule has given me some great ideas and for that I thank you! Friend me on FB at You can also do a search for my fan page Erin Golding, REALTOR to see how I use the two.
    Replied over 8 years ago
    I don’t think thats a bad idea actaully. I think it could work better for properties to rent, people could like your page to subscribe to your feeds, but this is really a local thing yes? so it would need to be targeted to a certain town or city.