How Would You Like $1,200 a Month In Positive Cash Flow?

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A few posts ago I talked about what methods are working in today’s economy. For the quickest refresher ever: Lease options and subject-to’s are working and wholesaling is not. Well, another question that I’m getting a lot lately is “what marketing methods are you using now?”

What Marketing Methods Are Working Now?

I’m always running multiple marketing campaigns. You need to have several irons in the fire. However, there are two campaigns that seem to be my bread and butter and bring in the most bucks. But, before I get to those, here are some of the other marketing activities I’m doing: bandit signs, driving for dollars, emailing landlords on craigslist and going to every networking event I can. Okay. Are you ready for my bread and butter? It’s direct mail of course. And the two direct mail campaigns I’m using are absentee owners and expired listings. Here’s another lightening fast refresher on how to have these campaigns fatten up your bank account quickly. If you are sending letters to absentee owners, send a letter every 30-45 days for a total of 8 times. You will get 75% of your deals after the seventh mailing. If you are sending letters to expired listings send a total of 3 letters. The first letter at day 1, the second letter at day 14 and the third letter at day 28.

Do you want to know one of those most important factors of making these campaigns work?

It’s the letter. If you want to make mucho dinero in this business you need to learn how to write a killer sales letter to your target seller. I’m not going to go into how to write a sales letter because that will take forever. But, just put yourself in your prospects shoes and think what they would want to hear. For example, right now one of my headlines emphasizes how I can assist a seller even if they have no equity, their mortgage is about to adjust or they owe a lot more money than their house is worth.

Here’s The Latest Deal That I’m Working On

Are you ready to hear about my latest deal which might yield $1,200 a month in cash flow? Alright, so my partner and I sent out a bunch of absentee owner letters. We got a call from the son of an elderly woman who had three properties that she wanted to sell. The woman is in poor health and neither she or her son want the hassle of the properties. My partner and I gathered the property information so that we could run the comps and evaluate all three properties.

Next, we called the seller back and presented the solutions. For the three properties, I presented a cash offer (65% of the value) and a lease option offer. The sellers were not interested in my cash offer. But guess what? They told me a while ago they had sold three other properties for cash at the 65% I like to buy at. So, some other investor got some deals. Ohh well, my mailings were too late to get all six houses.

Anyway, like I said, the sellers did not want the cash offer but they were very interested in the lease option offer. The seller loved the guaranteed rent I would give them and how they would have no hassles and worries with the property. The best part was that they were asking only $850 a month in rent for each property. My partner and I conservatively figured that each property will cash flow $400 for a total of $1,200 a month! So, next week my partner is going to check out the houses and we’ll hopefully wrap this deal up.

And that my friends is why I love this business. You never know when the next phone call or next email or next person you meet at a networking event, will give you a lead that will produce life altering cash flow of $1,200 a month or more.

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Jason R. Hanson is the founder of National Real Estate Investor Month and the author of “How to Build a Real Estate Empire”. Jason specializes in purchasing properties “subject-to” and has purchased millions of dollars worth of property using none of his own cash or credit.


  1. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! A couple of questions come to mind:

    1. How do you ensure that the property owner does not let the property go into foreclosure out from under you?

    2. Should you want to sell the property later, would you need to consume the purchase to exercise the option or would you just assign it to the end user?

    Love the idea of offering different options, by the way.

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