How to Use The Power Of The Internet To Sell Houses on Autopilot

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email-marketingYou can sell houses on autopilot?  Yes, you can, but to a point.  Let me explain.  We all strive to make our lives easier, better and less stressful.  We all want to work less and make more, right?  So how do you do that?  Well, there are several strategies you can use to work less and make more money.  One of those strategies includes automating whatever you can in your business.   I am going to share a strategy with you that will help you automate your real estate business.

Buying and selling real estate is a face-to-face business.  People usually need to see the house before they can even consider buying it.   However,  by incorporating the amazing tools the  internet provides to us, we can automate many tasks we are tediously doing each and every day.  You can automate your appointment scheduling, open houses, meetings with clients, house tours and more.

I am a BIG proponent of building your own list.  Believe me, one of the biggest assets your real estate business can have is a responsive list of buyers, sellers, private money lenders or investors.  Imagine having a list of a few hundred or even thousands of responsive investors… how much easier would it be to flip that next property?  A lot easier than putting up ads, bandit signs, making calls, etc.  Instead, you just send a message using an amazing service called email 🙂

So, how do you build that list?  Well, if you have been paying attention to I share with people on this website and my own real estate internet marketing blog, then you know that I love landing pages.  Landing pages or squeeze pages are a one-page web site that has one goal in mind, to have the visitor provide their name and email address so you can follow up with them in the future.

Again, all you want are two pieces of information: their name and email. (Now go back to your site and see what you are asking them to give you).

Once the person signs up to your list, you’ll reply to them with an autoresponder message.  An autoresponder message is a pre-written email message that you input and schedule into your email marketing software.  Every time someone signs up to your list, the software sends out your pre-written email message to that person.

All you have to do is write that message once and set up the schedule for it.  For instance, you’ll have one message written to go out immediately after the person signs up.  That message will welcome them and give them access to the ethical bribe you gave them on your squeeze page.  Then, you’ll have another message scheduled for next day where you can tell them a little about yourself to build a relationship with them.  Then, on the third day, you can send out another message.  Two days after that, you can send them another message and and so on.

Obviously, as time goes by, you’ll send them messages less frequently, maybe every 3-4 days.  Just make sure that these messages will have specific messages to build a relationship, ask them for more contact information, find out more about them, etc.

So, if you don’t have an autoresponder service/software in your business arsenal, then get one.  It will save you a lot of time and money.  If you need some recommendations or have more questions, ask me here on the blog or send me a message through bigger pockets forum.  I’ll be more than happy to help you.

That’s it for today.  Enjoy your Sunday.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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Peter Kolat is a Real Estate Internet Marketing genius. He's been consulting for many real estate gurus in the real estate industry. His Free Internet Marketing Techniques helped many real estate investors & agents dominate their real estate markets on the internet. No wonder he's been called the "Polish Pulverizer."


  1. If it only were this easy…there needs to be a lot more hand holding and personal attention than this. We all do not like the blanket email sent to us. Everyone reads right through this. You have to offer something more than this to attract good clients. Just my thoughts.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your comments. great comment by the way. I totally understand where you are coming from. There is a lot more to email marketing than just one post.

    In my own personal business and coaching, I have many videos showing people how to use the power of email marketing.

    I wrote this post to show people reading this blog that it is entirely possible to use the internet in their real estate business. Autoresponder messages are a great example because you write your message once, then set it and forget it.

    If you would like, I can write another blog post next week that can go more in depth on this topic.

    Let me know.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

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  3. Peter, I agree that it is important to have some form of auto responder. However I see Kevin’s point too. I know I get tired of receiving them from vendors myself. Something unique to set it apart from the rest would be good, but what.

    I am also interested in what program you would recommend. Right now I am using Number1Expert. Perhaps some of this info will be addressed in a future blog.

  4. Hi Susan,

    Can you elaborate on the type of emails you are receiving from vendors? I agree with you to some point because a lot of vendors/businesses don’t build relationship with people and don’t personalize their emails to the person they are sending it to.

    When you sign up to my site, I personalize my emails, send HIGH quality information, ask them questions where they can respond to me and build relationship with them. If the email looks like an advertisement, then you are right, it’s not going to help you much. However, if you provide them with what THEY want, they’ll be more than happy to open your emails. 🙂

    The service I use is called aweber. They are one of the best email marketing services on the internet.

    Peter Kolat

  5. Hi Peter,

    The emails that I receive appear to me as junk/advertisement mail and I usually delete, unsubscribe and/or setup a rule so they go straight into junk. Clearly, this is what we don’t want. Obviously, they aren’t coming across useful information in my eyes. I think you are right in that the key is providing “quality information”. I plan to take a look at aweber because I’m not entirely happy with what I currently use and its quite expensive. If you don’t mind, I would also like to sign into your site to receive your emails.

  6. selling a house through the internet by yourself is not a good idea. Statistics show that homeowners receive 16% less of their asking price when doing this. It is best to go through a broker and pay a fee. PLUS a house will sell much more quickly if done by a Realtor.

  7. Michelle – Please provide the source of your statistics if you’re going to use them to argue a point. As for your point “a house will sell much more quickly if done by a Realtor”, I’ll argue that a house will sell quickly if it is priced right, regardless of who lists it – a realtor or FSBO.

  8. Peter, These are great articles, but for someone that may not be as tech savvy as others..HELP!!! First of all, I been trying to located a vendor to purchase eBooks or get them free. Any suggestions? Also, how do you set up the box to request the information from your future client? Where do you find a company or vendor that will provide automated responses? Sorry for all the questions, but you certainly seem to have a handle on social media.

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