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CrimeMapping.comI’m not sure where I heard about this site, but I’m very excited to see that it exists, and I hope that it can expand to reach cities across the US. With a headline “Building Safer Communities,” allows its users to view the crime statistics in 23 cities around the country, provided by the local police departments. The great thing about this service is that their data is uploaded every 24 hours and, since it is presented directly on a mapping format, it is extremely easy to navigate. Additionally, according to the FAQ, “The date range for crimes displayed represents the last ninety (90) days of activity.”

Looking to Expand across the USA

I spoke with Vance Stewart, Operations Manager at, to find out why the site is only collecting data from this small pool of police departments. “It takes time to get them to buy off on it” he said, “the goal is to have as many cities around the country to work with.” According to Stewart, it takes somewhere between two months and a year for these departments to make their budgetary allotments, so the actual process of adding new cities is quite time and energy consuming.

Supposedly, they are getting a very good response from the site — apparently some people are so interested in having their city added that the community is asking their local law enforcement agencies to participate.

Quick Look at

Above: Snapshot of recent crime in North Miami Beach

One of the great features that the website offers is a service that allows users to be alerted of crime in their area. If you live in one of the cities serviced by the website, you can choose to get emails when new crimes are reported in your vicinity.

I personally hope this site can continue to grow, as it is a phenomenal tool for everyone in a community, including real estate investors, professionals, homeowners, and renters. Here’s to their success!

BTW – If you know about other fantastic real estate related tools or resources online, please let us know.

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  1. Susan – Mr. Stewart assured me that the goal of the company was to get as many cities and municipalities up on the site. Get together with your community and lobby to get your city on the site. They actually have more information on how to do that in their FAQ.

  2. @Steve – I didn’t know about, but upon checking it out, I’m not finding crime stats or data mapped out (I may have missed it). The thing they emphasized at is that they don’t scrape data from other sites. The info they post comes direct from the police departments.

  3. Joshua: At EveryBlock, we publish crime data in some, but not all, of our cities. For a good example, check our Chicago site — — and particularly the crime section:

    One major difference between a site like and EveryBlock is that EveryBlock aims to show you *everything* happening in your neighborhood, not just crime. EveryBlock is a superset of, in other words.

    Adrian @ EveryBlock

    • Adrian – Thanks for jumping in…I certainly didn’t spend enough time on your site to make a personal opinion, but I did note that you had a broader focus. That said, I’d be interested in hearing how you get your crime data. Could you share with us?

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