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Google Wonder Wheel for Funky House

One of the fundamental strategies you need to execute before you do anything else on the internet is to do proper keyword research for your real estate business.  Why?  Because the right keywords will be one of the main traffic generation drivers for your website.  I know that this strategy is nothing new and pretty much everyone knows about it, but you need to do keyword research.  The important question is whether you know how to do it the right way?  Do you know how to find those golden nuggets that have tons of searches on Google but little competition?

Before I give you the tools, I need to explain something extremely important to you.  You see, people have different mindsets when they are on the internet.  Some people are there just to waste time; some people are doing research; some people need to find a particular answer; some people are looking for a free solution to their problem; and some people are looking for a solution to their problem and are willing to pay for it.

When you are marketing your real estate business on the internet, who do you want to come to your website?  Do you want a person who is doing research on selling his/her house or do you want a person who is looking for a solution to his/her problem and who is willing to take action to get that problem resolved?  I’m going with the second person.  The person who is willing to take action and possibly even pay for the solution — he/she wants the problem solved right now! 

But, how do you find that person on Google?

You need to put yourself in that person’s shoes and think: What search term would I put into the browser to solve a particular problem?  If a person wants to sell his/her house, he/she is not going to search for “house selling” or other similar term.  They are going to search for something like ” “How to sell my house fast.”  Do you see the difference?

The first person is probably in the research mode.  They are probably looking for articles, blog posts or any kind of general info on house selling, a very broad topic.  However, if the person types in “how to sell my house fast,” they obviously want to know how to sell the house fast.  They might even be willing to pay for the answer.  Maybe it’s in a video or a report that you create or in a consultation that you give them when they arrive at your site.

What if you focus on targeting your terms even more, to something like “How to sell my house fast in Dallas.”  Those terms are clearly more targeted.  Granted, the phrase isn’t going to have several thousand searches per month like “house selling,” but that visitor is much more valuable to you.

The big question is knowing how do you come up with those keywords.  I’ll give you 2 free tools from Google that you can use right now to uncover those keywords.  The first one is their Free Keyword Tool and the second one is their brand new tool called The Wonder Wheel.  The first tool is easy to find and navigate.  You basically go to type in a keyword phrase, select “use synonyms,” enter the captcha form and hit “Get keyword ideas.”  You’ll get a sample of about 200 keywords.

One small tip when using this keyword tool.  This sample does not include Google’s entire database so use it as a way to gauge the volume.  However, I still believe that this is one of the best tools out there because it comes directly from Google.  Also, when you search a keyword, you’ll get an option in the top right corner (right about the keyword results area) that says “Match type.”  Select the “exact” match type from the pull down menu to get the actual number of searches for that phrase.  Otherwise, in a term like “sell my house fast,” you’ll get searches for sell, house and fast.

The Wonder wheel is located directly on the search page.  When you do a search on google, you’ll see a “show options” link right under the search bar.  You’ll click on that link and you will receive several options in a link menu on the left side of the browser.  The wonder wheel is located under the “standard view” menu link.  Click on that and Google will show you a wheel with your main keyword in the center of the wheel.  You can click on any of the provided suggestions and Google will DRILL DOWN and give you more options.  You can drill down several times to get more keyword ideas.


Well, that’s all for today.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know what you think by commenting below.  Obviously, there is more to keyword research that what I shared with you here.  If you would like me to expand on this topic more, let me know here and I’ll write something up in the near future.

To your Success,

Peter Kolat

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  1. Thanks for the tip on this Peter, I’ve used Google thousands of times and never even seen this little tool. I’ve now been playing with it and looking for keywords to improve my copy and search results.

    Great work.


    Mike Andrew

  2. Google really offers plenty of good advantages for his users. It’s good to know that we can find some people for our work, future clients and possible business..

    Good tip for everybody and thanks for share!


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