How To Get More Leads Without Getting More Traffic To Your Real Estate Website

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websiteHaving a website is important for anyone in the real estate business. Unlike ten years ago, the technology and the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs available today, allow anyone to build a website without having much html knowledge.   In fact, I see a lot of real estate investors building their own websites.

Since I am a real estate marketer, I visit a lot of real estate websites to see how real estate investors use their own website as a lead generation and internet marketing vehicle.  There are many problems I see some real estate investors make on their websites that kill their conversions, search engine rankings and lead generation rates. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see is not having a clear call to action

Many real estate websites have too many things happening on their pages.  For instance, I reviewed one website that discussed how the investor can help the seller get rid of their house, and covered and all of the different benefits the sellers will gain by using that investors services.   The problem with that is that when someone arrives on that page, reads the content on there and decides that they would like to get in touch with that investor, there is no clear call to action for that visitor to take.

Your web page needs to have a clear call to action

When I say clear call to action, I mean exactly that.  For instance, you can put up a big button on there that says “Click here to get your free 1/2 consultation” or “Click here to sell your house.”

Remember, a lot of people on the internet don’t read everything on the page.  Attention spans are short, and you need to capture the attention of your viewers. Therefore, when you put up a big button with a strong call to action, it will help you lift your conversions to get people to use your services.

One more thing, remember this line:
“A confused mind always says NO”

Therefore, make sure that you are extremely clear and that you don’t give too many choices to the visitor.  If someone has to make a choice, even if its something as simple as telling them to contact you via phone, email or web form, they’ll be less likely to take the action.  Why?  Because they’ll have to decide between the phone, email or web form.

What I suggest you do is to put up a form on that page that only asks them for their name and email address.  Make sure you tell them that their info will be safe with you and that you’ll take care of everything from that point on (Note: not only should you tell them that their info is safe, but you should also do everything to protect that information for that person).  That way, they take the simple action of contacting you and you can follow up with them.  You become in control and you are the one who will point them in the right direction 🙂

I hope this short article helped you out.  Now go back to your website and go through your pages.  While doing that, ask yourself this question.  “If an 8 year old arrived on this page, would they know what to do next? Would they do what I want him to do?”

Better yet, have an 8 year old actually go to your site.  Tell them what you want to them to do there and then watch what they do and how they do it.  Watch where they stumble/pause, where they move their mouse, and what actions they take on the site.  This will show you what your visitors might be doing on your site and what you can do to make things easier for your visitors.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you.
To Your Success,
Peter Kolat

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Peter Kolat is a Real Estate Internet Marketing genius. He's been consulting for many real estate gurus in the real estate industry. His Free Internet Marketing Techniques helped many real estate investors & agents dominate their real estate markets on the internet. No wonder he's been called the "Polish Pulverizer."


  1. Great advice! I have seen a lot of bad real estate websites out there too. There are many that looks like they havent been updated in years, and they were designed with a drag and drop free (or cheap) website editor. I want to see a professionally designed website with a clear call to action, and all of the information that I am looking for clearly and cleanly represented on the home page.


  2. These steps are not only applicable to real estate websites, but to all business websites in general. If you want to see customer visits converted into business, you have to have a clear call to action on all the pages of your website.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Tyler, David and Jen. It is so important that website owners do that. Yet, a lot of real estate websites have that mistake.

    Jen, you are right, this does not only apply to real estate websites. it applies to all websites but since this is a real estate site and I specialize in real estate marketing, I made sure it’s targeted to the end user.

    Thanks again and I can’t wait to write another post.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  4. Peter – you are absolutely right about a call to action. I put a huge Search Austin Homes link followed by my contact info at the top right of every page on my site and with NO increase in traffic I almost quadrupled the number of leads I had been getting.

  5. Tyler Ford

    Call to actions is extremely important. Totally agree. But without any traffic to site a call to action is meaningless. Need to focus on a great call to action, content, backlinks, and increased traffic to your site to be able to close deals.

    On average I am closing 1 to 3 deals a month all from organic SEO on my site.

    Lately, my focus has been increasing my backlinks which have skyrocketed my site to many #1 spots on Google for tons of keyword search.

    FOCUS SHOULD BE: CALL TO ACTION, CONTENT, BACKLINKS driving more traffic to your site which increased the number of leads which results in more closed deals.

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