My Entrepreneur’s Manifesto

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I am capable of limitless success. Success is within me. I will make no excuses nor accept them of myself. I am not at the mercy of other people. I am not at the will of random events. My only true impediment is that which exists at the end of my own resolve.

My resolve is determined by my enthusiasm and faith in a worthy pursuit. I will tap the unlimited well of passion and enthusiasm within myself through constant self education, and action which will lead to progressively larger victories thereby stoking my inner fire and fueling my progress. My self education will lead me first to my passion, then to my mission, and finally to a plan for success. My plan for success will illuminate my vision and measure my progress. I will be assured in my cause but I will always keep my eyes and mind open for new realities and different possibilities.

I know that the world is full of uninspired people and critics. I know there will be many people who will actively seek my failure and many more who will wish for it. I will strike down those miserable beings who seek to obstruct me out of pure jealousy and I will be indifferent to those less treacherous but like minded people who placidly watch me pass. I will be humble for I know I will take many lumps. I will not be discouraged by the lack of justice but I will be just. That is what will make me stand apart from the mob to be noticed by other proactive and honorable people.

Tell me not that it can’t be done. Dare not stand in my way. For I am no longer an average human being. I am the rarest of mystical beasts armed with competence and shielded by an inspired vision and perpetual motion. Obstacles are not the end of the road for me. They are the stage on which I illustrate my virtues and from which I extract invaluable sources of knowledge. I resolve not to become embittered by obstacles whether man made or nature. I will take the lessons which they yield and use them to achieve greater heights.

Ye though I walk through the shadows of the valley of the uninspired, critical, and incompetent I shall not fear failure. For I would rather fail spectacularly than succeed in now way special.

I know that I can never fail. As long as I keep trying I have not failed. I will never stop trying to attain an end that is worth having. This I swear, by god I swear. Failure does not exist in reality. It is but a mental figment solidifying into reality only upon my consent. There is no amount of money that cannot be regained 10 fold in a tenth of the time with determination, confidence and resolve. I am grateful for the tools failure provides me. The sting of failure opens my eyes and arms me with the mindset and technical knowledge to achieve in the future.

I will not fear poverty. For fear of poverty is the bait in the trap of security that ensnares so many people. I know there is no real security. Basing my decisions on the illusion of security will doom me to an existents in the murky twilight. True, the secure choice will reduce my chances of knowing real darkness but it will guarantee I will never feel the sun on my face. I will prosper on the edge knowing that with deliberate, constant, competent action I will survive and probably thrive despite world events.

I promise myself that I will always choose to join those intrepid soles ascending the cliff face. I will not be swayed by those pitiful creatures seeking shelter below. I will always strive for the next ledge. I will hold no malice towards those who climb with me and compete fairly. I will not be discouraged by those who lob rocks at me from below. I will climb knowing that should I fall I will likely end up at a higher elevation than those who made no attempt at all. I will climb not thinking of the fall instead I will focus on the rock in front of me with an eternal vision in my mind of myself at the summit. I will believe so strongly in that vision that my will alone will make it so.

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Justin Pierce

Justin’s work ethics and values are based on his small town western upbringing and eight years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps. He currently resides in the D.C. area. He holds a BA in Management, a Masters in Business Administration and an active Virginia Real Estate Agent license.


  1. Justin:

    That is fantastic. If only even 2% of the people who read this could internalize that — WOW.
    Especially “..I know that I can never fail. As long as I keep trying I have not failed. ..” A LOT easier said than done. If you could master that out of everything you’ve said, I think you’ll be golden.


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