How to Save More Time With Social Networking for Real Estate with Flock

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5/30/11 Update: It appears that the Flock browser has been discontinued.

FlockOne of the biggest complaints I hear about Social Networking is that it takes up too much time. Last week I posted a blog called,  “Are You Wasting Time With Social Networking For Real Estate” . The focus was to point out key factors within your social networking habits that may be a waste of your time and how you can be more productive with it by building genuine relationships.

In this Vlog Post (Video Blog) I’d like to focus on helping you save more time with social networking, while continuing to be more productive in your business and building those relationships.

Watch the video below and see 6 Key benefits to using this Social Web Browser for your business. The name of this social web browser is called Flock:

Flock focuses on the key areas of social networking, such as:

1. Connecting with Family, Friends, Followers, Subscribers, Business Associates, etc…

The “People Sidebar” feature allows you to login to sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.. and connect with all your friends, followers, subscribers, etc. You’ll notice in the video, that the people with the most recent updates will populate on the left side of your social media browser. Just click on their name or picture and starting building that relationship.

2. Searching for your favorite pictures and videos

The “Media Sidebar” feature allows you to search for pictures and videos using Social Media sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Truveo, Youtube, etc… You’ll notice in the video above, that all your media is posted in the upper portion of your browser and allows you to navigate through different images and/or videos with ease.

3. Getting Instant Updates from Blogs, Entertainment, and News websites

The “RSS Feeds Sidebar” feature allows you to instantly subscribe to and recieve updates from sites that use the RSS option. For example, in the video I show you how you can be one first to know about blog posts being added to simply by subscribing to their RSS feed. Get the information you need fast, with the click of a button.

4. Bookmarking Your Favorite Websites with ease

The “Favorites Sidebar” feature allows you to instantly add your favorite websites to your queue in order to have quick access to these sites. Now this isn’t too different from what you’re probably using the “BookMark” or “Add to Favorites” feature for with other browsers, but in the video you’ll see that Clicking One Button, will do the trick. Every second counts and when time is on your side, it’s a good thing.

5. Logging into and out of multiple Social Networking & Social Media sites with ease

The “Accounts and Services Sidebar” feature allows you to log into multiple social networking and social media sites, all at once. Ever have trouble remembering your username and password for a certain social networking website? Well, with Flock those days are over. You’ll see in the video above that it remembers your username and passwords for you and allows you to log in and out of multiple sites with ease. The “Remember Account” feature is optional.

6. Creating Blogs and Providing Content on the Fly!

The “Blog Editor” feature allows you to post blogs on the fly. If you’re a blogger, then you can instantly post a blog to your own site hosted or self hosted blog, without even logging into it. There’s also a feature called the “Web Clipboard Sidebar” that I didn’t have time to cover in the video, but it allows you to drag images from the interent onto your sidebar and blog about it. You’ll see when you download the browser.

>>>Click Here To Download your Free Flock Web Browser!<<<

Many people are out there using social networking and doing everything I mentioned above, manually. It takes time and people tend to unintentionally focus on social networking more than they do their actual business. In the end, they may just give up social networking all together.

Social networking is huge and can be very valuable for your business. Don’t give up. With social networking tools like Flock, you can begin to see dramatic changes in your social networking life.

Hope it helps!

-J.Lamar Ferren
“New Breed” Real Estate Investor

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J. Lamar Ferren is a 26 year old New Breed Real Estate Investor who takes down deals nationwide. Through direct response marketing he uses creative and outside the box methods, both online and offline to attract buyers, sellers, and investors.


  1. Great info, Thank. I’m just now “seriously” entering the world of social networking. After selling real estate for 15 years, I am now finding myself running fast to keep up with this awsome platform. Thanks for the great info.

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