How to Increase Traffic to Your Real Estate Website with Backlinks

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You’ve probably heard about how having lots of backlinks can give you a huge advantage over your competition on the internet, right?  You’ve probably heard that commenting on blogs, forums and social media sites can give you some really good “Google link juice.”

But do you know how to utilize this strategy effectively?  If not, then you are in for a treat.

In today’s post, I am going to talk about SEO.  Now, I realize that search engine optimization is not for everyone and can be a long, enduring, tedious and hard work.  Yes, I said work.  SEO constantly changes, especially because of our friends over at Google.  They like to keep us on our toes.  Every once in a while, they’ll change their algorithm and if you are not playing the SEO game the right way and doing some blackhat stuff, your site will most likely drop in the rankings.

But that’s a whole other discussion.  Today I want to tell you about a strategy that will help you rank high in Google.  Now, since you are already using the internet, and going to different blogs, forums and social media sites, you should utilize this strategy for your business. Newbies to blogging can learn from these 77 mistakes new bloggers make.

In this post, I am going to focus on blog commenting.  Let’s get right into it.  First, you need to follow couple of common sense rules.

Rule #1: Make a relevant and thoughtful comment.

Don’t just write “nice post” or “great post” or something along those lines.  Write an actual comment that is relevant to the blog post and contribute to the overall conversation on that blog.  You’ll be surprised what will happen if you just follow this one rule.  People will respond back to you, the blog owner will leave your comment on their blog, and you will gain more exposure.

Rule #2:  Don’t use your comments to SPAM

When you make a comment on the blog, you’ll be asked to provide your name, website, and the comment.  When asked for the website, type in your site address in the space provided.  That site address will be the url people will end up on when they click on your name.  Remember that when you post your comment, your name at the top of the comment will become the back link to your site.

Don’t write your website address in the comments area.  Many blog owners frown upon that and it makes your post look like you are not really contributing but using their blog for linking back to your site.

Killer Tip: Instead of writing your name is the name field, some blogs will allow you to write down the keywords you are optimizing for your site.  This way, your link will become an anchor text which is even more powerful search engine optimization technique.  Before you do this, look at other comments on the blog and see if other people have keywords in their comments.  This will tell you if the blog owner allows having anchor text comments on his blog.  If he does, then go for it.  If he doesn’t, then he might disapprove your comment.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: BiggerPockets does NOT allow this, and encourages you to post your comments using your name, as that is what will help people to get to know YOU better as you participate here and elsewhere online.

Now, here’s your Step by step strategy to give you the best link juice in Google

Step 1 – Install  Firefox Search Status Add-on and enable “Highlight no-follow links” in your Firefox browser.  Just type in “firefox search status addon” in Google (or click the link to the left) and you’ll get this Firefox addon.  When you enable that feature, every time you arrive at any site, all of the links that do not allow the search engine spiders to follow the link to the next site will be highlighted.  Why does that matter?  Because Google counts pagerank.  Every time you have a do-follow link coming back to your site, some of the pagerank from that previous site will be leaked onto your site.  That my friends is a very good thing for you.  That’s why you want to leave comments on sites that allow do-follow links.

Step 2 – Search for relevant real estate blogs on Google to make comments on.  Hint:  You already have one here so post as many comments on this blog as you can.  More comments you have linking back to your site, the better.   To find real estate blog on Google, type in the following search term in the search field:

“real estate” + blog

Step 3 – Post relevant and thoughtful comments on relevant blogs that benefit the community and engage in the conversation.  Don’t spam blog posts with poor comments.  Trust me!

Step 4– Post your comments on this blog 🙂

So there you have it.  Just by commenting on the blogs that you read every day, you can start building your own link building strategy. In turn, you will have Google follow you around the internet and start sending you targeted traffic while your website climbs the rankings.

That’s all I have for you today.

See below for a great rap about pagerank . . . enjoy!

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Peter Kolat is a Real Estate Internet Marketing genius. He's been consulting for many real estate gurus in the real estate industry. His Free Internet Marketing Techniques helped many real estate investors & agents dominate their real estate markets on the internet. No wonder he's been called the "Polish Pulverizer."


  1. Another great way to get back links for your web site is to write articles and submit them to web sites that will promote your articles. Each time someone adds your article to their web site it adds a new link to your site. This is a great way to add hundreds of new back links to your site to improve your page rank and show yourself to be an expert in your field.

  2. I agree, it is important to leave thoughtful comments and be as thoughtful in the commentary as the writer was in posting. I know that bloggers sometimes struggle with trying to decide whether they’re trying to optimize for SEO, or just trying to write the best possible article for their audience. I have to believe that just focusing on the needs of your audience, even if it doesn’t get you immediate Google rankings, must have an even greater long-tail benefit from increased and more loyal readership.
    .-= Eric Schwager´s last blog ..Is the first-time homebuyers tax credit like free ice cream? =-.

  3. Wow. You guys rock! These are great comments. I guess I was preaching to the right crowd. 🙂

    Not only are the above comments related to the post but they are educational as well. Now, whenever someone visits this blog post not only will they learn from the post itself but from the comments as well.

    Great job.

    To Your Success,

    Peter Kolat

  4. This is great advice. Another way to build backlink along with credibility is by answering questions on yahoo answers. I drove traffic to my site by providing good advice on traffic building.

  5. Provide different useful information on seller financing, creating and selling. Include real estate notes, mortgages, trust deeds, business and promissory notes, other types of secured private loans. All of that will bring you visitors.

  6. Hi Peter,

    This is a well thought out post on blog commenting. So I have decided to comment 🙂

    As you mention many bloggers don’t like keywords to be used in the name field which is something I agree with as it makes the conversation more personal.

    However if the comment adds value then I will forgive the use of keywords!


  7. I just discovered this website and the information is invaluable. My daily goal is to keep up on our ever-changing world of real estate, but to get the bonus of understanding SEO and how it can benefit my website is AWESOME! Thanks so much.

  8. Truly a great post. I run a few websites and have employed all these methods with great success. It took me quite a while to learn them, and only with the help of posts like this. Anyone starting a business where they need website hits (and really, who doesn’t) can benefit from the info in this post.

    I also like to use themes for blogs like wordpress. It makes commenting on your own site easier and trackbacks are viewable as well.

  9. I tend to use Web 2.0 sites for backlinks. I have blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Wetpaint, Tumblr and so on. I post articles and link back to my home property auction site. I’m based in the UK and I rank well for local search results.

    Article marketing is also a good method I use and I have automated software for this. I can’t forget my forum profiles aswell.

    One thing I also did in the UK was to provide a free wordpress directory theme with my backlink. I paid a developer to create it for me and it has been installed on many blogs.

  10. Peter,
    Thanks for the tips. Having a balance of developing regular insightful content, while maintaining relationship with other bloggers is key to developing a robust blogging platform. I look forward to leveraging your advice.
    Many thanks,

  11. I have found backlinks to be the single most difficult and time consuming part of my SEO efforts. In my opinion, content and backlinks are the two most vital components of a successful SEO program so you just have to keep at it! Thanks for the tips!

  12. Content is king, write good stuff and people will find you. Write content (optimizing each page for a specific keyword)

    Backlinks are powerful when they come from high ranking sites that are relevant to your business.

    Don’t forget to name all your images with keywords and add the ALT tag. This also helps.

    Also helpful is the use of Social media pages like Facebook, YouTube etc

    Did i mention Content is king

  13. Backlinks are incredibly important, but don\’t forget about on page SEO! So many people forget to cover the basics and just go out and try to build links, only to end up very disappointed when their rankings don\’t improve.

  14. Seth Taylor

    Hey Peter, great content. it appears that I am late to the party concerning back linking. Im just curious has there been many changes concerning SEO and backlinking in the past 7 years. Im new to this space and clearly it takes time to rank anything I can be doing to jump me to the front of the line?

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