Learn How to be a Good Real Estate Agent: Gary Shlitz Goes Viral

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I received an email earlier today from someone who wanted to share a “clever marketing video” with me. I get many emails like this every week, and most of the links that are shared are simply a waste of my time. Expecting the worst, I followed the link and was in for a pleasant surprise — I was glued to the video from the start.

The video below is a perfect example of a viral video that is not only clever, but that also meets its purpose – to promote a product or service, the Harris Real Estate Group out of Vancouver.

So, without any more delay, I would like to present to you a man named Gary Shlitz, who will instruct you how to be a good real estate agent . . .

Meet Gary Shlitz

. . . by NOT being like Gary Shlitz!

Kudos to the guys behind this video – I’m a huge fan now!

What did you think?

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  1. Not only is it entertaining and probably effective, this type of video is relatively cheap to produce and promote. I’m working on one for my IT business that has got me learning a lot. Scheduled for release on 11/6.

  2. Thanks for posting our video! We’re very proud to be a part of it. We’re a group of real estate agents in Vancouver BC. We’ve been selling real estate for years, and thought this would be the best way to really get our name out there. Thanks for sharing!

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