The “Unusual” Way to Boost Your Real Estate Marketing Results

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I was driving around Baltimore City earlier this week. At a stoplight I got stuck behind an SUV with a sticker on its back window that read “lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes, call XXX”.

I immediately laughed and thought to myself, “yeah right.”

Why did I think this? Because it wasn’t honest and it wasn’t believable. If you surfed the Internet right now you would come across a lot of hyped up ads like “look 20 years younger in 5 minutes”, or “become a real estate millionaire in the next 30 days,” or “build huge bulging muscles in one week.” All of those ads sound way too fake.

So the question you need to ask yourself is “do my marketing materials sound fake and over-hyped?” If they do, you’re probably losing a ton of deals.

You see, we are already in a business where people are skeptical. It’s no secret that real estate investing draws a lot of crooks and con artists out of the woodwork. So the last thing you want to do is sound like one of these fly-by-night company’s.

So how do you fix this?

I saw an excellent example last week from one of my partners who showed me his new business cards. On the back of card reads the following message. “Although I cannot guarantee I will buy your house, I can promise you I will do everything possible to provide you with a solution that will meet your needs.” That my friends, is a brilliant line because he comes across as honest and friendly. He doesn’t say “I’ll buy your house within 24 hours no matter what, guaranteed.” That sounds more fake and unbelievable and people will be skeptical and want to know what the catch is.

Let me show you another good example of this and how it has helped me close many deals: Occasionally I will have a seller ask me if I’ve ever backed out of a deal, or what would happen if I didn’t close as promised. And I tell the seller that I’ve always honored all aspects of an agreement. But that I have had deals not close when a seller backed out and did not hold up their end of the agreement. Then, I show them a testimonial where a lady backed out of a contract and then later sent me an email saying she wished she had sold her house to me because other people were dishonest and she ended up losing the property.

That testimonial is golden and shows multiple things:

First, that I’m not going to force her to sell her house and sue her if she doesn’t sell once we have a signed agreement (it’s not worth my time.) Second, that someone who backed out on me wished they would have worked with me and ended up losing their home. So… if this seller ever had second thoughts they would think back to that testimonial and think “I don’t want to back out and lose my home and money like that other person did.”

Here are a few other examples of how to be more honest and believable:

In your marketing pieces put key phrases such as, “now I can’t guarantee we can buy your house, but if you take advantage of our free 10 minute consultation I’ll give you the best solution for your property-even if it doesn’t involve our company.” Or, when you’re meeting with a seller and they ask you a question don’t sound hypey or fake. Say “yes Mr. Seller I have had deals not close. One time it was because a seller didn’t want to sell. The other time is was because the property had a lien against it and we couldn’t get a clear title.”

Needless to say, I can’t guarantee the above will help you make more money this year… but I can promise that if you come across more friendly and honest there’s a darn good chance you’ll become more successful.

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Jason R. Hanson is the founder of National Real Estate Investor Month and the author of “How to Build a Real Estate Empire”. Jason specializes in purchasing properties “subject-to” and has purchased millions of dollars worth of property using none of his own cash or credit.


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