Use XFruits to Create Your Personal MLS for FSBOs

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As a Real Estate investor, you will need to look to various nooks to find hidden gem properties throughout your career.  Of course properties can be found on the MLS, but that rules out the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) seller.  As the internet progresses and evolves, FSBO sellers are seizing the broad audience that the internet yields by posting their properties to various websites.

Just a few of these websites are:

And there are many more.  You can spend hours and hours of your time scouring these sites individually.  However, if you take advantage of the RSS feed results of your specific search criteria, you can save yourself some time.  While you could just throw each RSS feed into an RSS feed reader, it would be a step better if you aggregate each sites’ RSS feed into one.  This would allow you to check out one feed that contains it all.

A free service that allows you to aggregate your RSS feeds is xFruits.  xFruits is a site that allows you to really get more value out of your feeds. You can easily combine feeds into one, put a feed into a PDF, send feeds straight to your phone and more.

By using a service such as xFruits to combine RSS feeds, you will maximize your time (or that of your virtual assistant) spent on the web.  You could consider your custom feed an MLS for FSBO’s of sorts, as you’ll have an abundance of property information in a centralized location.  Add in the RSS feeds for your local newspaper classifieds to the website suggestions listed above and you’ll have the majority of your bases covered for FSBO internet listings.  Keep your eyes peeled while driving about town for “For Sale” signs in front-yards and no FSBO property will get by you.

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