How To Gain Lots of Targeted Traffic, Authority, Exposure and High Search Engine Rankings with 300 words

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One of the most powerful and yet overlooked internet marketing strategies that real estate investors and agents can use in their real estate business is article marketing.  Article marketing is extremely powerful and can give you the following advantages:

  • Lots of targeted traffic back to your website
  • Authority and expertise in your niche
  • Powerful one way back links to your website to give you higher rankings
  • Exposure
  • High search engine rankings for very competitive terms
  • and more…

As you can see, the advantages are enormous.  Imagine for one second, you write a short 300 word article, post it on an article website and get all of those benefits.  Many article directories have become authority websites around the internet and their articles tend to rank high on search engines for their keyword phrases.  Think about it, you write a real estate article and within hours, your article, along with your name and your website is on the first page for your keyword phrase.

Same goes for social media websites including BiggerPockets.  Therefore, if you haven’t started writing on BP or other article websites, start writing and you’ll see the benefits these short articles will bring for your real estate business.

What Should You Write About?

Focus on what you know best, focus on your main area of expertise.  For instance, if you are in the foreclosure niche, then write articles on the subject of foreclosure, how people can save their house from foreclosure, different tips and, dare I say it, “secrets.”  Remember, most homeowners do not know how to handle this process.  While you might think a topic is very simple and mainstream, your prospect probably doesn’t know anything about it.  For instance, write an article titled “What is foreclosure and how you can avoid it in X easy steps”

How should You write the article?

Write in a conversational manner.  Don’t worry too much about writing like an English teacher.  Just make sure that your grammar and spelling are taken care of.  Now, here are few very important points to consider.  First, make sure that you have 1-3 keyword phrases you are targeting in your article.  Pick one phrase as your main keyword phrase and use it in your article title.  For instance, let’s say that your keyword phrase is: “save home from foreclosure.”  You title can be something along the lines of:  “How to save home from foreclosure in X easy steps.”

You also want to add that keyword phrase in the body of the article.  Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.  I like to keep the density of the keyword at 3%-5%.  That means that if you have 100 words in your article, you should keep the number of times you mention your keyword to 3-5 times.

Next, you need to add your keywords to your keyword tags and your resource box.  This is very important. Each article directory has an area for keyword tags and a resource box.  Make sure you have those keywords in there.

The most Important part of an article is…

the resource box.  The resource box is located at the end of each article and provides the reader with a short bio of the author who wrote the article.  You should write a powerful “call to action” here.  This call to action should make the visitor click on the link back to your website because if they don’t, they’ll feel like they are missing out on something.  What I like to do is leave something very powerful out of the article and direct the reader to that “secret” inside the resource box back to my website.  That way, people will click on the link inside the resource box back to my website where I can get them to sign up to my list. 

Where Can You Post The Articles?

There are hundreds of article directories out there but the most important ones I would recommend you use in your real estate business are,,, and  These directories will give you lots of benefits.  However, don’t just write on those article directories.  You can submit your articles to hundreds of article directories using submission software or by outsourcing the submission process to someone who does it all the time.

That’s all I have for today.  I hope this article has helped you out.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Until Next time,

Peter Kolat

Note From the Editor: BiggerPockets also has a real estate article directory that you can submit your articles to. We do only accept those articles of the highest quality, so submit your best!

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Peter Kolat is a Real Estate Internet Marketing genius. He's been consulting for many real estate gurus in the real estate industry. His Free Internet Marketing Techniques helped many real estate investors & agents dominate their real estate markets on the internet. No wonder he's been called the "Polish Pulverizer."


    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for you comment. You said that you write a lot of blog posts. Think about this for a second, your blog posts can be your articles. Why don’t you try submitting your blog posts to article directories. Just make sure that your blog post has been indexed by the search engines first.

      To Your Success,

      Peter Kolat

  1. As always, Peter Kolat delivers amazing content on RE internet strategies out there.

    I will use some of those other article directories you mentioned and let you know the results.
    Thanks again
    Great post Peter!

    • Thanks Matt. It’s great to hear from you man. How’s is everything?

      In regards to the article directories, these are just a few directories you should use. Obviously, there are more but I tend to stay away from the directories that have Google Page rank of “0.”

      To Your Success,

      Peter Kolat

  2. Great notes. SEO and content writing are things that every agent should be doing when there is not a client to take care of. When real estate isnt keeping you busy during the winter, then writing should be.


  3. Hey Liz,

    Thanks for your comment. I think Joshua talked about it somewhere on BP but you can post your articles by going to:

    Once you are there, there is a link in red called “Submit an Article” right above the categories area. Good luck.

    One last thing, look at the Top Authors there. Do you think these guys are getting some great exposure? I think they are and all they are doing is writing articles. Awesome stuff!

    Peter Kolat

  4. One of the most thorough post on article marketing.

    I want to address the last section of the post namely, where to post your articles.
    A good alternative to article directories can be posting them on related niche-respected blogs as guest posting. Depending on your recipient’s popularity, you’ll gain exposure faster then submitting your article to article directories.

    The article to be published could be one of you’re older blog posts, or articles, rewritten. This practice promotes your older blog entries and further consolidates your site’s relevancy through smart use of anchor text.

    A smart way of finding sites and directories worth publishing with: Track down the leading authors and see where do they publish content. Picky back on their experience.

    Hope this helps your marketing campaign!


    • Thanks for a great comment Cristian.

      Interesting that you pointed that out because I do this all the time and it works like crazy. Doing guest blog posts can give you some really good authority and great exposure. I didn’t mention it in this post because I was talking about article marketing but yes, doing guest blog posts can work like crazy for you.

      Thanks again.

      Peter Kolat

  5. I agree that a strong call to action in your author bio is an important part of article marketing. In addition to your tip about directing the reader to a “secret”, another powerful call to action is what I call the “fear of mistakes” strategy. For example, you might offer a report called “The Six Most Common Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make”. Many people will feel compelled to click over to find out what those mistakes are.

  6. Great Article Peter. I was looking through google to see how I can use article marketing to my advantage. Your article puts into focus all the important factors that articles should have and how they can be used to make great targeted traffic source. Thanks for the amazing insight.

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