Use Adobe Acrobat and Stop Printing Real Estate Contracts

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Adobe Acrobat is a software application that allows one to view, create, manipulate and manage files in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF).  PDF’s are most commonly viewed within Adobe’s freeware Adobe Reader, which is available as a no-charge download from Adobe’s website.

By utilizing Adobe Acrobat, you can create custom electronic forms that can be completed electronically as well.

How does this apply to Real Estate?

When submitting offers on properties that are on the MLS, REO’s, FSBO’s, etcetera, processes can become tedious and unorganized before you know it.  You may lose track of an offer that was faxed to a FSBO; you may grow tired of transporting paperwork to Realtors; you may run through printer ink prematurely. You get the picture.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can take any form and make it an electronically fillable form.  For instance, let’s say that you have a standard Residential Sales Contract for your state in paper form.  To convert the paper form into an electronic-fillable PDF, you will need to only:

1. Use a scanner and scan the document to your computer
2. Open the scanned document in Adobe Acrobat
3. Utilize Adobe Acrobat to manipulate and insert fillable-form-fields into the document
4. Save the document as a PDF

With Real Estate forms and contracts saved as PDF’s, you may better organize your business and keep electronic backups of your data.  Another advantage to PDF contracts is that any redundant information within contracts can remain unchanged while you only change information specific to each property offer.

These PDF contracts can then be sent to sellers via email or internet fax.  Or if absolutely necessary, they can be printed on paper.  With Adobe Acrobat, your efficiency of offer submissions can increase dramatically.

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Justin McClelland (G+), is a real estate investor in Houston, TX. Visit his blog MyInnerG where the rule is: Get fit, Get money, Globe trot, Give back. Socialize with him on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Of course, you’ll need to be sure to have an organized way to manage your electronic documents, but this is a great suggestion, Justin. I’m still revising my computer’s filing system on a regular basis to improve efficiency. Good suggestions!

  2. I rely on .pdf files very much in my business. I use .pdf files to send proofs for printing jobs, and it allows me set different security settings on each file. I can make it so a file can be altered but not printed, or printed but only in low res. This allows me to do business effectively without having my customer steal my work before I receive payment.

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