Get a Headstart On Your 2010 Real Estate Domination Plan

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A goal is the ongoing pursuit of a worthy objective until accomplished. ~Jack Canfield

Today is December 10 and there are exactly 3 weeks left in 2009. While it is true that time flies, a lot can be accomplished in these next 21 days to prepare you for awesomeness in 2010 (is “awesomeness” a word? I like it regardless).

I wanted to write this post because I am personally in the process of determining and documenting 2010 goals – not just specifically for real estate investing, but across all areas: health/fitness, spiritual, financial, personal, and business. I really want to encourage everyone to do this over the next couple of weeks (don’t wait until January!), and also share 5 quick suggestions to consider as you’re closing on your own goals for 2010:

1. When writing down your goals, make sure that you:

  • Include a list of all the ways that you will benefit from achieving the goal (you need a big “Why”)
  • Include a list of all the known obstacles that need to be overcome to accomplish the goal
  • Include a list of people needed to reach the goal – doesn’t have to be specific names, but at least a description of the type of person

2. Make sure your goals are measurable and specific – no vague generalities. For example, for real estate investing goals you may want to include desired monthly profits, number of homes to purchase or wholesale, amount of private money to secure, etc.

3. Along with what you want to “get”, also consider goals focused around what you will “give” to others, whether it be time, money, knowledge/information, or all of the above

4. Consider adding a goal specifically addressing education – how many self-development, marketing, real estate investing, or other relevant business books will you read on a monthly basis?

5. After you have written down the goals, determine your preferred method for visualizing the achievement of the goals on a regular basis – daily meditation, a dreamboard, or a mind movie (video with pictures & music) are all good options to help you really see and feel what it will be like when you accomplish your goals. Many goal setters skip this step, but not you, right?

I hope you’re all excited about what next year has in store for you! Get organized, get those goals written down, and create a detailed master plan for domination in 2010. As a part of the BiggerPockets community you have an outstanding opportunity to connect with other investors in and outside of your area, create mastermind groups, and obtain ongoing support as you take action towards your goals.

Feel free to share other techniques and tips for goal setting in the comments.

Happy goal setting!

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Shae Bynes is a real estate investor in Sunny South Florida. On her blog,, she provides helpful tips and an inside look at her real estate investing adventures -- obstacles, failures, & successes!


  1. Great tips for Goal Setting and for developing a Business Plan Shae!
    Coming from Silicon Valley I am very accustomed to this process but the interesting thing is that I did not get the visualization component until I started selling real estate.
    .-= Bob´s last blog ..What Should You Know About Short Sales =-.

  2. Shae… great stuff.

    If I may expand on your 2nd suggestion… I have always recommend the following…

    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based… S.M.A.R.T. goals as a way of ensuring a persons goals are meaningful.

    Also, I can totally relate to visualization as a way of reinforcing your goals. If you can see it in your mind… it is only a matter of time before you have created it as a reality.

    Keep the great articles coming.

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