Done Trying To Sell Your Home Yourself? Questions To Scare Prospective Listing Agents With In 2010

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With 90% of buyers searching for real estate online, does it make sense to list with the guy who has the most signs in the neighborhood anymore?

Questions For Prospective Listing Agents In 2010

  • Will you create a single property website for my property? Will it be syndicated? Can you set me up to watch visiting traffic in real time?
  • Will this site include a video of the property? Will the video be on Youtube? How about some other video sharing sites?
  • How often will you repost to Craig’s List? Will your Craig’s list ads divert that juicy Craig’s traffic to more effective lead capture points?
  • How many Facebook ad impressions do you plan to purchase for the property? How will they be targeted?
  • Which keywords will you target as part of the Google adwords and/or Bing campaigns you run for the property? (What’s your budget for these campaigns?)
  • How big is your website’s rss based newsletter readership?
  • Do you have any stealth lead capture sites out there capturing buyer leads?
  • Will you post my property to your blog and update your readership at least twice/month with price changes, etc?
  • Will you create a Twitter account for the property (see image above)? Will it automatically follow other twitterers in the area and invite them to take a look at my listing?
  • What kind of camera will you use to take the pics of my property? Or…will you hire a pro?
  • Can I see the MLS description you plan to write for the property before we execute a listing agreement?
  • Are you willing to notify the 10 agents who have the most recent sales on properties closest to my property about the listing?…
  • Which social networks will your blog posts about my listing syndicate to? How many total people do you have on your friends/fans/followers lists?

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  1. I like your post, its straigh to the point. I was just saying that to few of my friends that are in real estate. As a webdeveloper and a real estate agent I have inside to both sides, and one thing is for sure, any agent thinking outside the box will stay outside the box, lol. Social Media is whats working now, and in order to stay competitive in the real estate world you need to get the tools of the trade that work. The world is changing fast, dont be left behind.

    Anthony Galeano

  2. Great list for all of us Web 2.0 realtors. I agree that this list would scare 80% of all agents. You reminded me that I need to update my listing presentation to include our 2.0 marketing campaign.

    Thank you!

  3. I agree with Westbrook; the MLS and signs are the source of most real buyers., which reflects the MLS, may be where many buyers begin their shopping, but they will end up in the hands of one Realtor or another. To families looking for a place to live, homes are not not a commodity that can be selected on line.

  4. I’m going to respectfully disagree with Winston and Larry. In fact I’m going to quote a NAR study that says that less than 10% of homes sell because of a sign call. As more and more national listing sites syndicate more and more MLS’s listings, the local MLS becomes somewhat obsolete… especially for buyers that are moving in to the area.

    Homes can certainly not be ‘selected’ online. But they are most certainly previewed online and today’s buyers build their shopping list of homes before they even talk to a Realtor.

    Bob, I would say that list would scare more like 95% of all agents… not 80%. Especially when you start getting into the social networking activities that cost money (like ppc on Facebook, Google, and Single Property Sites).

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