How a Simple And Obvious Marketing Concept Will Take Your Real Estate Business To a Whole New Level

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Hi everyone.  It’s Peter Kolat with another killer marketing strategy for your real estate business.  This one strategy can take your business to a whole new level and make you more money . . . much more money.  This one strategy is so simple and so obvious that you might say: “Duhhhh Peter!  I knew that!”  If that’s the case, then let me ask you the following question:  “Are you actively using this strategy in your business?  If not, then start right away!”

You next question probably is: “What’s the strategy Peter?”

I’ll tell you right now.  Check this out…

When it comes to marketing your business, your houses, your properties, your services and any other things you might have to offer the world, it always comes down to finding a qualified eager buyer; not just a prospect, but a person that is highly qualified and eager to buy your product or service.  That’s pretty obvious, right?

Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you about the strategy I am here to share with you.  “Find where your target buyers hang out at and then go there and stand in front of them.”  Let me repeat that again:

“Find where your target buyers hang out at and then go there and stand in front of them”

Simple, right?  Let me dive a little deeper into this concept.  You see, many businesses market their products and/or services in the following fashion.  In a way, they throw everything they can at the wall and see what sticks.  In the real estate business, these businesses will go out and buy TV advertising, radio advertising, magazine ads, billboards and many other un-targeted advertising media.  Then, they wonder why their results are poor.

Now, what if one of those companies did some research, found out where their target customer hangs out at, and then goes and stands right in front of him/her? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier, more profitable and cheaper to market to them?  I bet it would!

How do you do it then?

First of all, you need to figure out who your target customer really is.  You need to REALLY DRILL DOWN.  What’s their big problem?  What is their fear?  What is their gender, location, demographics?  What do the like, hate, love?  What is their ultimate dream?

You need to ask yourself questions like the ones I shared here with you?  Why?  Because when you drill down to the core of your ultimate customer, you’ll figure out where that customer “hangs out.”  Think about this for a second.  When a person is heading for foreclosure and the sheriff is almost on their doorstep, where does that person go for help?  What do they do?  When you answer those questions, your deals/clients will arrive.

Once you figure out who your target customer is, you can start brainstorming on where you can go to find them.  Where do they hang out at both online and offline?  For instance, if you are a wholesaler, your target audience is another investor, right?  Where do investors hang out at?  They hang out at BiggerPockets right?  Better yet, look for a venue that caters to rehabbers, possibly in your state.  It will be a lot easier for you to flip that property that way.

That’s all I have for you today.  If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.  I can write a follow up article on here to help you more.  Just let me know.

To Your Success,

Peter Kolat

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