6 Ways to Build your Buyers List

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Wholesaling and bird dogging are very popular strategies for beginner real estate investors.  Two very important skills are needed to be successful at these:  finding great deals and building a buyers list.  Here are 6 ways to build your buyers list. 

  1. Online ads – Search Craigslist, newspaper and Social Media sites such as BiggerPockets, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others.  Anyone with We Buy Houses ads are investors in your market or could be potential buyers.
  2. Real Estate Clubs – These clubs are great places to find a large concentration of buyers in your market.  Promote your deals and your services with flyers, networking and even by speaking if possible.
  3. Title Search – Contact title companies and get a list of buyers for all homes that sold in your market for those homes that are similar to what you are targeting.  You may have to research these people to get their contact info, but that is an easy thing to delegate to an assistant or even a virtual assistant.
  4. Wholesalers and Bird Dogs – There are likely wholesalers and bird dogs in your area, who are marketing and promoting their deals and services.  They could be buyers or you can team up with them and share their buyers lists.  I’m sure they would promote your deals if you give them a win-win reason to.
  5. Signs, construction projects – Any ‘We Buy Houses’ signs or investor signs are signals of potential buyers.  Also, when you are driving around, you may notice construction projects; these could be the projects of investors doing a rehab deal.
  6. Agents, mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals – Agents have retail buyers lists, as do mortgage brokers, appraisers, contractors, attorneys, cpas, etc. 

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Ryan is the founder of Real Return Real Estate™ , a company focused on buying property at extreme discounts, selling and renting with cash flow.


  1. Thanks for the comment Tyler. Having a strong website presence with great content, calls to action and lots of traffic can really help build credibility and create relationships. I myself took a step back to work on a professional business plan and website and the results have been amazing. If Wholesaling and Birddogging is your strategy, a strong buyers list is imperative so all methods should be thoroughly utilized.
    .-= Ryan Moeller´s last blog ..Cash Flow Duplex =-.

  2. Ryan, I think you missed the BIGGEST way to build a buyers list

    Have a GREAT deal 🙂

    It’s amazing how easy it is to find buyers when you’ve got a great deal to give them. If you build it(get a great deal under contract) they(buyers) will come.

    When a buyer buys from you, you know they’re qualified. I of course stress building your buyers list, but I also stress that finding a deal is as important, this way you know your buyer(s) are willing, able and ready.

  3. Great strategies Ryan! Let me add going to foreclosure auctions. Introduce yourself to the most active investors making bids. In Honolulu you can put 10% down, but many have access to the full amount. And in Honolulu, that is some serious duckets 🙂

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