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Three Easy Ways to Build Your Wholesale Buyers List (Part 2)

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One of the questions I get asked most frequently from folks who are trying to get their real estate wholesaling business off the ground, is how to build a list of qualified buyers to sell their deals to.  I recently wrote an article describing three easy ways to accomplish this, and in today’s article I will be talking about three other list building strategies.

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  • Post Ads to Online Classified Sites

There’s no cheaper or easier way to build your buyers list than by posting your deals on free online classified sites such as,, or  If you don’t have  any of your own deals to advertise, you can post a generic ad like this one:

Local wholesaler seeks CASH BUYERS to purchase investment properties
at 50% of market value.
Call or email Steph for details:

Since it doesn’t cost anything to post on these sites, you can always test different messages to see which ones pull the most leads. Keep in mind that ads can be hit or miss, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get any responses right off the bat.  If you are consistent and make a habit of posting one or two ads daily, you will start getting calls and emails, and your list will begin to grow.

  • Attend Your Local REIA Meetings

REIA meetings are a great place to network with other investors and wholesalers in your market. There are usually at least one or two active buyers at these meetings, and you want to do your best to connect with them. Try to find out as much information from them as possible about the kind of deals they are looking for- what areas they prefer to buy in, how much are they willing to pay for houses in those areas, etc.

  • Call “We Buy Houses” Ads or signs

Many investors market for motivated sellers by using “We Buy Houses” signs, or by placing ads in the local newspaper, or online sites like the ones mentioned above.  It only takes a second to pick up the phone and give them a ring, and find out what type of properties they are looking for.  When I was just getting started, I made a habit of calling every single “We Buy Houses” ad that I saw, and as a result, I soon met some of the major players in my market (both investors and wholesalers).

All three of these tactics are easy and inexpensive to implement, and if done on a consistent basis, will result in a nice sized buyers list in a relatively short period of time.

Good luck, and Happy Wholesaling!

    J. Lamar Ferren
    Replied almost 10 years ago
    Yet another smashing post by Steph Davis. Craigslist is still the #1 classified ad site I know of and using Postlets is a no brainer with their ability to post one ad to multiple sites on autopilot. If someone was to consistently use just these 3 methods and really push their self… .I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to get a large hungry list of investor buyers who will allow them to close deal after deal. Thanks for sharing Steph… I need to get back on calling We Buy House Ads!
    Replied about 8 years ago
    I would like to use postlets and post my ad to multiple sites on autopilot. Can you please tell me how this is done. I have never heard of postlets before. Thanks for your help. M Stewart
    J. Lamar Ferren
    Replied about 8 years ago
    Just go to
    Replied almost 10 years ago
    Stephani, I think I am gonna collect all of your articles and kind of compile my own “Wholesaling Tips ebooks by Steph Davis”! The World is waiting for YOUR Wholesaling ebook, Steph, more or less in the same style as your great Flip This REO! Thank you for your great Service to The Wholesalers Nation! darryl dean / Austin, Texas