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REI Lead Generation System- Grabbing A Domain Name (Week 2)

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Various Parts Working Together As A System, Not Just A Website…

Last week I committed myself to chronicling the creation of a personal Real Estate Investing lead generation system here at BP.

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A few people were kind enough to comment and mention that they weren’t quite sure what I meant by the word “system,” so first off I’ll define what I have in mind a little better.

System?… What Do You Mean

Various Parts Working Together As A System, Not Just A Website…

Most folk’s approach to web marketing starts and stops at the creation of a website that usually functions as little more than an online business card. A lead generation system, on the other hand consists of a bunch of different parts that all play together to predictably fuel the growth of ones business.

So when I say I’m gonna describe the creation of the system, I mean I plan to just explain step by step how and why I’m setting up the component parts and why.

It’s my hope that:

1. Some folks who are new to this stuff will find some this chronicling useful.
2. The guys who are not new to this stuff will lend some friendly advice along the way, letting me know where something might be tweaked or improved.

Enough Rambling, Let’s Grab A Domain Name

The first thing I’m going to build is a wordpress based website that will initially serve as sort of a squeeze page, but will have the potential to morph into a larger multi-sectioned blog site capable of attacking any number of niches.

The first step in building this site will be to choose a domain name. Of course choosing a domain name for your system depends a lot on your strategy. In most cases, I imagine newbie investors start with a local focus that will allow them to locate and investigate deals near their homes. This is true for me as well, so I’m going to choose a domain name that intentionally limits me to a fairly narrow geographic niche.

So, it’ll be YorkPaQuickSale.Com.

For anyone who’s interested, here’s a quick screencast detailing how to go about purchasing a domain.

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    [email protected]
    Replied about 10 years ago
    How did you come about to choose your domain name? Maybe you covered this but did you research what name you should go after? Meaning are people searching your obvious keyword heavy site name?
    Neil Uttamsingh
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Hi Ryan, This article was well written and easy to follow. Best Regards, Neil. .-= Neil Uttamsingh´s last blog ..Robert Kiyosaki — Friend or Foe? =-.
    Ted Akers
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Good topic for both starting and some more experienced investors. I’ll be interested in following your posts, especially if you get into detailed SEO information. Thanks,
    Ryan Hartman
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Thanks guys… Nick, I didn’t pay much attention to seo per se when choosing the domain. I think if I were shooting for a much larger geographic niche, could went with something real longtail like “” Honestly, this domain was chosen to impose a bit o’ self discipline on the project, meaning I’m intentionally limiting the system to attracting deals within a few miles of my house… .-= Ryan Hartman´s last blog ..Lead Generation Rate Way Up With Aweber Lightbox Click Form =-.