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The Ten Best in This Week: Mar. 13, 2010 Edition

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1 ) Real Entrepreneurship – This was a very enjoyable read. You may not think this way often, but real estate agents are true entrepreneurs.

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2 ) How To Shop For Mortgages And Keep Your Credit Scores High – Dan Green offers a wealth of information in here that is a must read for agents and home shoppers.

3 ) The Foreclosure Epidemic – A Discussion with Alex Charfen – I can put aside my thoughts on the CDPE designation for a minute here because Alex knocks it out of the park with his look at foreclosures in this video. He explains why it appears foreclosures may be slowing down right now, but they are really not. 1-in-6 mortgages in this country are late. Just let that number sink in.

4 ) Q&A Session with Dale Ross, CEO of the REALTORS® Property Resource (RPR) – You have a question on RPR it is probably answered here. Lots of good questions.

5 ) Reclaiming my “rookie” enthusiasm…. – Wonder how you can get the energy back that you had when you started in this business before you became bitter? This is a very worth-while read that may help.

6 ) 1,000,000 Real Estate Agents Have Got IT All Wrong – To me this is one of the things you know, but may not really understand you know until you read it. A very interesting take on agents and how they mostly use and should be using the internet and their websites.

7 ) In Just 50 Days Your Home Will be Worth $8000 Less! – Going into last November I would have agreed with this 100%; there were a flood of people looking to take advantage of the first-time home buyer tax credit. I just do not see the same wave of people this time — an interesting take.

8 ) Paying More Than Asking Price For Your Home – In today’s market sometimes you are going to need to go over asking price to get what you want. That doesn’t mean you are overpaying.

9) REDC Auction: Scam or the Real Deal? – There are different types of auctions for houses, there is the type where you go to the courthouse step and bid on the foreclosures and then there are the auctions like Hudson &Marshall or REDC where you can bid on a property that has been on the market a while. The advantage to the second is that you can visit the house beforehand, and you can use financing, but don’t think you can steal it with a low ball offer.

10) Real Estate Agency, and Why I Can’t Help You – If you are working with another real estate agent, sometimes we just need to do the ethical thing and say sorry, we cannot help you. We just need more agents to adhere to those ethics.?