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The Ten Best in RE.net This Week: Mar. 20, 2010 Edition

Dean Ouellette
2 min read

1 ) Famous blonde financial pundit expects double dip in U.S. housing market – There are two trains of thought out there. The first is that the market has tanked and the banks are smarter now, and will not release enough properties to cause another housing dip any time soon. Then there is the group that thinks the double dip in the market is coming. The double dip group seems to be becoming more prominent over the last few weeks.

2 ) An RPR Q&A Overview from Leading RE – Most everyone in real estate has likely heard of the RPR by now, and there are some agents out there that are beta testing it right now. If you want to get caught up on what it is all about, this is for you.

3 ) Want Smooth Sailing? The Short Sale Listing Agent and the BPO – One thing that can kill a short sale pretty quicky is a bad BPO.  I take it one step further then the author in this post does, and meet them with photos on a thumb drive and comps in hand. These agents are not making that much money, make their job easier.

4 ) Help a FSBO Go Hi-Tech! – One marketing technique that some people use is to go after FSBOs. I have heard of many different techniques — this is a different take on an old idea, using new technology.

5 ) 10 Important Questions to Ask a Home Inspector – If you are looking to buy a house I would never consider doing so without a home inspection. Here are some important questions to consider asking the inspector. This is an area you can and should trust a good agent on; a good agent is going to know the inspectors that will be looking out for you.

6 ) Correlation Mortgage Rates To The Fed Funds Rate – Just because the Fed Funds Rate is unchanged does not mean that mortgage rates will be unchanged. The Fed does not control mortgage rates.

7 ) Phoenix home buyers, are you being realistic? – Looking for that house that is selling for 50 cents on the dollar? Or, do you want to make an offer at 70% of the list price on that home already aggressively priced?

8 ) Top 5 Tips for Securing an Accurate Appraisal – I recently had two appraisals on the same house in the same week, come back 20% different from each other. Be prepared if the appraisal comes back and you know it is bad.

9 ) HAFA: 2 Guys, 2 Burgers and a Voice Recorder – HAFA — if you have been reading real estate blogs over the last two months you have read how great it is. This post has a slightly different take on the subject.

10 ) FHA Appraisal Requirements – Here’s a quick look at what is considered on the FHA’s approval of a loan.

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