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The Ten Best in RE.net This Week: March 28, 2010 Edition

Dean Ouellette
2 min read

1 ) Video Is The Future – A longer video that Jim the Realtor does walking through houses, but fast forward to about 3:45 and he starts talking about how we can use video in the future to view houses.

2 ) Discussions about Brokerages wer the talk of the RE.net world this week and does it matter.  Here are a few of the better ones. Mark Davison Can a real estate brokerage matter? Jonathan Dalton Forget Big Broker vs. Small Broker, Let’s Talk Bad Broker vs. Good Broker. Jay Thompson Does the Real Estate Brokerage Matter (check out the comments section). And James Malanowski THE RISE AND FALL OF THE BIG-BOX BROKERAGE.

3 ) Renting vs. Buying when it comes to a house – This video is great because it is refreshing to see agents not just spew the usual “always buy, don’t rent.” The true cost of home ownership sometimes is too much.

4 ) Ignoring The Shadow Inventory Will Not Make It Go Away – Is the shadow inventory coming? Is it about to flood the market? Shadow inventory is no doubt out there, but it has been for a year. The question is whether they will release it and flood the market or just keep the trickle coming.

5 ) How Loan-Level Pricing Adjustments Keep You From Getting The Lowest Advertised Mortgage Rates – Why am I not getting that rate I saw quoted? We all know that every home buyer thinks they are being ripped off because did not get the rate they saw in the paper. This explains it all.

6 ) Top 10 Worst Places to buy real estate in the US – This one is going to be interesting to watch. I think they are full of it, but time will tell. Some markets like Phoenix, I just cannot see falling that much more.

7 ) I Leased a Property and It Is Being Sold as a Short Sale or Foreclosed…What should I do? – Something many people are worried about right now. 

8 ) House Call: To Buy or Not to Buy – Do you want the first time homebuyer tax credit? Think of it this way, how fast would you rush out to buy a new car if the dealer said 4% off? That is what the $8,000 tax credit represents to a $200k house.

9 ) How screwed up is Bank of America? – The stories on the banks messing up on these foreclosures seem to never stop. Here is another one where the bank decided to foreclose on a house and take the goods inside, even though they were not the lien holder on the house.

10 ) The Lowest Mortgage Rates of 2010 Will Be Locked In March And April – Mortgage rates have to go up they cannot go any lower, we have been hearing it for a solid year now. Dan Green thinks there may be about another month and a half left of low rates.

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