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The Ten Best in This Week: April 3, 2010 Edition

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1 ) “Stealth Bailout” – Is the new mortgage bailout plan really a way to help homeowners, or as some are now saying, really just a way for some with junk paper to recoup some of their money from the taxpayers?

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2 ) HEFI: Home Equity Fractional Interest – I have been a big believer in HEFI since I first read about it. I think it is a powerful tool for investors to use which could replace sometimes difficult, lease option deals. There is great opportunity here for investors, home buyers, underwater owners and banks if they would just get off their butt and take a look at it.

3 ) Long-Term Mortgage Rates at Second Highest Level This Year – There has been talk for a long time of mortgage rates starting to rise. Is now the time it comes true?

4 ) Just Say No to Bidding Wars – This is a very good look at under pricing listings to create bidding wars. I assume most areas are like Phoenix right now, where it is really the banks, more so than the traditional equity sale agents, who are doing this.

5 ) How to Be the Winner in a Multiple Offer Purchase – This post looks at some of the ways to position yourself to win in multiple offers situations.

6 ) Three months into the 2010 Good Faith Estimate…and We Still Have Issues – Almost a year into HVCC and three months into the new GFE and what do we know? What we knew before we did either — government regulations to protect the consumer and “help the market” often do not have their intended outcome.

7 ) On the eve of disruption: location and the real estate opportunity of a lifetime – Technology has changed the game a lot in the last year. The tablet is the next round of technology that will change it again. While the iPad may not be the next great thing, it is the start of devices that will be rolling out over the next six months that will be just that.

8 ) If the Bank doesn’t charge an “overage or points”…what do you call this? – When you read things explained like this, you wish Rhonda could always be there explaining to the masses how things really work.

9 ) I Bet Many of the Cool Kids Are On the Verge of Greatness – A good post reminding us that greatness does not come easy. Even Tiger Woods has to spend countless hours stroking his putter and swinging his club around to become the best at what he does.

10 ) Seattle Real Estate: The Feds Purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities ends this Week…What do you Think Will Happen? – This is going to be an interesting week. Depending on who you read either nothing is going to happen or rates are getting ready to jump a point.

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