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The Ten Best in This Week: April 10, 2010 Edition

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1 ) How To Salvage The Mortgage Industry in Six Months – If rates skyrocketed would people stop buying houses or would prices just drop so that the payments stayed the same?

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2 ) Would You Use The Same Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House Again? 80% Said No! – This is just scary and blows my mind. If 80% of the people I worked for said they would never hire me again I think I would find myself a new career.

3 ) Introducing the EWM Text App – Texting technology is becoming more and more important in our business. The trick is how do we in real estate use this preferred communications method to sell houses. Here is a solution I like.

4 ) Question: Will the tax credit be extended to 2011? – Very doubtful. I remember in October 2009 the flood of people looking for houses before it expired. Now I am just not seeing it. I think those who wanted to take advantage of it have.

5 ) Max-Bang Series: Incorporate Yourself! – This is something I have been thinking about lately just for the liability aspect. I would think it may be smart for those in real estate, especially investors.

6 ) HAFA goes live at BofA- Short Sale Power Hour 04/06/10 – This is pure beauty. For those who are hot on the HAFA bandwagon watch this BoA rep who has been trained on the program, discuss it.

7 ) If Your Friend Is Broke In Bank and Spirit. Share The Jessie James Solution – Resurrect Your Success In 30 Days. Boom Goes Your Dynamite, IF Light The Fuse. – Stuck in a rut? Need to get something going in the next month? Here is a great suggestion to kick start your real estate business.

8 ) Feds say rip Chinese drywall out of homes – It is going to be interesting to see who ends up paying for all this in the end. This does not effect everyone, but you should be aware if it does effect you.

9 ) How To Use Rate Locks To Negotiate Yourself A Lower Mortgage Rate – The longer you lock your rate into the future the higher it is likely to be. Another reason to have a lender who can close quick.

10 ) Thinking About Skipping the Home Inspection? Think Again – Here are two other reasons you may want a home inspection you are probably not thinking about.

    Liz Voss with San Antonio Real Estate
    Replied over 9 years ago
    Well put together Dean. I can’t believe some of the information I just saw. Unbelievable. Visit Liz Voss’s last blog at San Antonio Homes.