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The Ten Best in This Week: April 17, 2010 Edition

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1 ) What’s changed in HAFA 2010 ? There have been some big changes to HAFA; here’s a preview at some of those changes.

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2 ) Home Affordability Modification Program failing horribly – HAMP was a failure — really? Only about 5% of those who were intended to receive help did so. But HAFA, that will be different, right?

3 ) Foreclosures skyrocket in first quarter, up 16% over Q1 2009 – I’m glad to see the foreclosure boom is over.

4 ) Did You Know that FHA Mortgages are Assumable? – If rates skyrocket a few years from now when you are trying to sell your house, this could be a big factor.

5 )  Buyer: How Much Cash Do I Need? – Lender’s fees, points, prepaids, insurance; there is no such thing as a free lunch.

6 ) Adjustable Rate Mortgages Are An Absolute Steal Right Now. Have You Checked The Rates Lately? – I am not a fan of ARMS at all and cannot think of many cases they are ever good, but wow that is a gap.

7 ) The Concept of A Break Even Income Property OR 2 RE Investors Walk Into a Bar… – The one law about real estate investing that most investors will forget… Murphy’s Law.

8 ) Apr. 13, 2010 – Mobile application patent fight – This is one of those ones that just does not pass the smell test for credibility. I can assure you I will not knowingly use a Smarter Agent product in the future and hope you don't either.

9 ) Part-time Realtor? Disclose it. – I read the piece and then read the comments and I really wasn’t sure how I felt about it until I got to Jim Duncan’s comment; I think he nailed my concern for the consumer. Take a look and dig through those comments.

10 ) Real Estate Coaching: Becoming Famous in a New Area – This post is relevant to ANYONE in real estate who is not doing the business volume they want. I think Coach Tom and just about anyone would be willing to bet you if you did this (2-3 hours a day) for a month you would have more business than you knew what to do with.