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The Ten Best in This Week: May 8, 2010 Edition

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1 ) The Hangover – The tax credit is over; have people stopped looking for houses? The numbers vary greatly according to Redfin’s search numbers.

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2 ) Do you need a custom Facebook page? If you were to ask Todd Carpenter, he would say no. If you were to ask Mike Mueller he would say you do.

3 ) 6 Ways You Can Use Video Blogging In Real Estate – Video is not coming, it is here. Here is a list of ways people can use vlogging, and some examples of people who are doing it..

4 ) Fannie Mae Tightens Guidelines On ARMs And Interest Only Products – The roller coaster of lending continue; after it over-corrects one way, just hold on a little while and it will snap back the other way again.

5 ) Freddie Mac is bleeding money, still asks for $10.6 billion more – With the financial problems Freddie and Fannie continue to have is it time to pull the plug?

6 ) The Pass Rate of the New National Loan Originator Exam is 67%. Who is/isn’t passing? – An amazing 33% of lenders are not passing the new test.

7 ) What To Do When Your Bank Won’t Finance More Than 4 Properties (Even Though Fannie Mae Allows It) – Some banks will allow you to finance five or more properties, some will not. Ask around.

8 ) “If I Don’t Sell Your Home I’ll Buy It” ~ A False Promise? – You see this one all the time, but how truthful is it? Sure I will buy your property too, if you sell it to me at 60 cents on the dollar.

9 ) Why use FHA when you have 20% Down? – Twenty percent down and you would get an FHA over a conventional loan, right? There are some cases where FHA may be your only option.

10 ) Some Folks Just Don’t Get It – This is a great one to read for those people considering a for sale by owner.

    Eric in Silicon Valley
    Replied almost 10 years ago
    Hi Dean, I have to say, I enjoy this format of top ten articles. I tried that on my own blog for a very short spell but couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm, and I could never really figure out the right tone to set – how much I should simply provide quick links, how much I should restate or paraphrase, how much I should try to inject a forceful opinion, etc? Could you perhaps discuss some of the challenges and decision process you went through to arrive at where you are now? For example, I followed your link to your other blog — noticed you discontinued your daily top-ten column — two hours a day is a real commitment. On that one, how did you strike the right balance of local and national news? And how were you using that RSS Reader you mentioned? Thanks and good luck!