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The Ten Best in RE.net This Week: May 15, 2010 Edition

Dean Ouellette
1 min read

This week was the NAR midyear conference so today we will be taking a look at some of the top news that came out of there.

1 ) Coming to Your MLS: More Pictures – One of the biggest pet-peeves of real estate agents is the use or, or lack of use of pictures in a MLS. The MLS Committee at mid-year has said that a required photo is coming; now if we could just up that to 6 photos. Here was another good one on photos this week.

2 ) Stevens: “Incredible” Market Ahead – According to FHA Commissioner David Stevens, the future is going to get better; I would warn that that all real estate is local and the time of a market shift is going to vary greatly.

3 ) Raising the Bar With Real Estate Degrees – A real estate University? This is a very interesting idea and I think it could be a wonderful idea if it is not just used to sell a designation that you need to pay for every year. If it offers a true college curriculum, then I love the idea.

4 ) Boost Needed? Give These 5 Sales Tips a Try – Watch this quick video for some great, unique ideas.

5 ) The Myth of the “Deal” – Buyers: great advice here. If you are looking for the deal, you need to define what that means realistically.

6 ) How Many Balls Are You Juggling in Real Estate? – Every now and then you hear something and you say to yourself I knew that, why am I not doing it. This most likely is one for many agents.

7 ) Change is Good – Don’t be afraid of change. Like Joel said, change is good. But make sure you change with a purpose, not just for the sake of change.

8 ) 5 Ways Realtors Can Use Technology to Save Time and Money – Looking for some good tools in real estate that can save you time and money? Here are some good tips.

9 ) Seven Years of Brick & Mortar – Times are changing. More and more new brokerages are going virtual instead of hosting at brick and mortar offices.

10 ) One of RE.net’s rising starts Matt Stigliano is no longer a real estate agent. It is a sad day for sure, for us who interact a lot with the RE.net crowd. But as one of the most successful agents in the country, Russell Shaw points out, is it really surprising?

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