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Have A Property To Sell? Use A Foursquare Special

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Quite a few of my geeky friends were on Foursquare way before I was.

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Heck, one of them even became the mayor of my house (at 4:00am) before I started paying attention to it.

And now I am convinced that location based marketing services like Foursquare will be as mainstream in 2 years as Twitter is now.

And here is just one way that you can use Foursquare to your advantage when selling homes.

If you are a home builder and you have a community with model homes – get your community set up as a verified business on Foursquare and offer a special. Make the special compelling and watch what happens! Whenever someone checks in anywhere around your community, they will see your special.

Did you notice the “anywhere around your community” part?

In my experience, many new home communities come in clusters. Builders seem to travel in packs and build out areas all at once. What better way to market to someone than when they just checked in at your competition across the street.

If you are a Realtor who is sitting at an open house, do you have a Foursquare special set up?  Think of it as just one more way to market to the people who are in the immediate area and just may be looking at open houses on your block.

Is Foursquare big enough yet that you need to stop what you are doing right now and go figure it out?

It is unless you want someone to become the mayor of your house without you knowing.