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Using Google Maps to Save Time

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As a real estate wholesaler, one of the websites I've grown increasingly fond of over the last year or so is Google Maps– particularly the "Street View" function they provide. In fact, unless I am already intimately familiar with the neighborhood where a potential deal is located, Google Maps is the first place I go to when I start my due diligence, and it has proven to be a real time-saver!

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Aside from the fact that you can get a close up view of the property itself, when using Street View, you can also get a pretty good feel for the neighborhood where the property is located.  While nothing can take the place of actually going to check out the neighborhood yourself, Street View is definitely the next best thing!

There have been numerous occasions where, after checking out a property via Google Maps, I have decided against even going out to look at it.  If you value your time as much as I do, saving an extra 30 minutes (or more) in the car just by doing a quick search online is priceless!

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a screenshot taken from Google Map’s Street View of a potential deal that I was presented with a few weeks ago:

Google Maps

At first glance, the house doesn’t look too bad- good curb appeal, and a white picket fence. Nice.

Then I looked at what was across the street and this is what I found:

Golden Arches!

And then right next door there was a payment center for electric bills, cell phone bills, etc:

Google Maps

Being that this deal was already on the skinny side, I decided to not even bother going out to look at the interior of the property. The house was about 15 minutes away from mine, so thanks to Google Maps I saved a half hour of my time to devote to other more profitable activities.

If you aren’t already using Google Maps in your real estate business, I recommend you give it a shot- it’s a resource that’s definitely worth it’s weight in gold, and you sure can’t beat the price!

    Joshua Dorkin
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Awesome case study, Steph. I know you would have been pissed if you drove there to find out about the awful location of the property. Good share!
    Marcus C.
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Good article, the only problem I’ve had with Google maps is that their street view doesn’t always line up with the property your looking for. So if you don’t have a visual point of reference for what your actually wanting to look at you might be looking at the house 3 houses down instead of the one you actually want to see.
    Julie Broad
    Replied about 10 years ago
    Streetview is GOLD!!! But I agree with Marcus it can be really tough to find a specific house. If you can’t find the house number in the image and you can’t find surrounding house numbers then you’re stuck unless the seller has given you some sort of identifying description like my house is the one with the giant gnome on the front lawn. We invest in a place that is a ferry ride away from our home. Not only does it save us time it saves us money on ferry and gas costs. Even though it is a bit frustrating at times I do I love being on the phone with a seller while I look at his home on Streetview. And the best part is that sometimes I can see a FOR SALE sign in the front … and I know Streetview drove this area in August/September of 2009 so I will know that he’s been trying to sell his house since then … or off and on since then … 🙂