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The Ten Best in This Week: June 26, 2010 Edition

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1 ) As an agent, what do you need to tell a client about a property they are interested in? Full disclosure walks you through it. The easy code to live by is just always be honest and you won’t get into trouble.

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2 ) So many buyers ask us to let them know when we see a smoking deal. My first question is what do you mean by a smoking deal? Everyone’s opinion is different. If You See a Smoking Deal … walks you through and shows you if you say you want a smoking deal you better be ready to move when one comes up.

3 ) Last week everyone was talking about the extension for the closing deadline on the first time home buyer tax credit. One week later, we see the Tax Credit Paperwork Extension Denied. Something may still come up, but for now it is dead.

4 ) So is now a good time to invest? Interest rates are low, some lenders are looking to give money away again, lots of properties are on the market; Is it really The Perfect Positive Storm For Real Estate Investors?

5 ) Should I get a home inspection? You will probably never hear any good agent say no to that question. But once you decide to do one, there are Questions To Ask Before And During Your Home Inspection.

6 ) Home Sales Negotiation 101 is one of the most through posts you will ever read on negotiating a transaction.

7 ) The home buyer tax credit by most accounts was a big success. I know I had many people take advantage of it, but when you look and see that the Homebuyer tax credit audit shows fraud in the millions of dollars, it blows your mind.

8 ) Do you know your FICO score? If you are not a cash and carry buyer — most home buyers are not — then you should know it and also know 7 Tips for Improving Your Credit.

9 ) Friday’s Rates – The Lowest Rates I’ve Ever Posted – tells you everything you need to know about today’s rates. Just take a look at those numbers!

10 ) This may be one of the most overblown numbers of the year. New Homes Sales Drop to Lowest Levels. Ok so new home sales are down 33%. Not many people are buying new homes right now and why would you when you can buy an existing home cheaper than you can build a home. The only reason people could even justify the new home purchase was through the tax credit.