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How to Create a Profitable New Direct Mail Sales Letter

Jason Hanson
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How to Create a Profitable New Direct Mail Sales Letter

It’s no secret that I believe direct mail is the best way to market and buy houses. And right now I’m going to share with you some of the details of one of my new marketing pieces that is doing well.

I’m not going to give you the letter word for word, however, after I’ve shared with you the details about the letter you’ll have pretty much everything you need to know to craft a letter and make a heck of a lot of money from it.

Let’s get right to it…

First, the headline of this letter says, “Congratulations: You May Have Won a Free Lunch.” The headline is in big black font (Georgia, size 26).This headline incorporates the two most important words in advertising, “You” and “Free.”

Then the letter goes on to describe that I’m a private real estate investor in their area and that I’m looking to buy 3 houses in the next month and I was hoping theirs might be one of them.

I continue on to say that I know they’re a landlord and if they’re having any tenant problems, I’d be more than happy to take the property off their hands.

Now concerning the free lunch…

I go on to say that if they’re interested in selling their house they should give me a call. When they do I will ask them a few questions to see if the house meets my buying criteria. And if it does, I’ll take them out to a free lunch so we can discuss the purchase of the property.

Also, in the P.S. I add a special report which is extremely important to do. Many marketers say that after the headline, the P.S. is the second thing that people read. So in my P.S. I say, “When you call, don’t forget to ask for a copy of our free Special Report, “The 5 Little-Known Ways of Eliminating Tenant Hassles Forever.”

Adding this Special Report is so important…

Because you never know what is going to “lure” in a prospect to call you. They might not give a darn about having a free lunch, but perhaps they’re certainly interested in getting your report about making their lives easier when it comes to dealing with their tenants.

Now when you send out this letter, don’t forget to use a #10 plain white envelope, hand write all addresses in blue ink and use a live stamp. This method of mailing your letter will ensure that the majority of your letters get open.

So if you’re looking to buy some extra houses this month, I’d try out this letter ASAP and hopefully you’ll have success as I am.

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